ShearShare New Partnership Simplifies the Financials for Solo Artists

ShearShare, a global marketplace that allows salon and barbershop owners to rent their excess suites and booths to licensed cosmetologists and barbers on demand, has partnered with Track and First American Payment Systems to provide financial resources to self-employed beauty and grooming professionals who use the ShearShare platform.

Powered by Track, freelance beauty and grooming professionals will now have access to weekly pay stubs and the ability to automatically calculate and save for their taxes. ( First American Payment Systems makes mobile payment processing more accessible for freelance beauty and grooming professionals by offering lower processing fees than similar services (

ShearShare’s partnership with Track will allow self-employed beauty and grooming professionals to receive pay stubs, instant and ongoing tax calculations, automatic tax withholding, a free tax savings account, plus quarterly and annual state and federal tax filing which will completely transform how they manage their business financials and save them dozens of hours in administrative work and additional fees; all from their mobile device.

ShearShare’s partnership with First American Payment Systems will provide free card readers, payment processing terminals or iPads to beauty and grooming professionals on the ShearShare platform, while offering them the lowest processing fees, which will help them keep more of their hard-earned money as they look to build or grow their business.

“With ShearShare, we’re already solving one of the biggest challenges that beauty and grooming professionals face, which is a lack of professional space to service their clients,” said Dr. Tye Caldwell, co-founder and CEO of ShearShare. “Our partnerships with Track and First American Payment Systems allow us to go a step further in empowering our salon and barbershop owners and solopreneur professionals by helping them keep more of their hard-earned cash on each transaction, offering a first-ever weekly pay stub and simplifying the complex financial and tax preparation process that is so crucial to businesses everywhere."

 ShearShare users can register for their First American Payment Systems benefits by visiting and they can get started with Track by going


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Originally posted on Salon Today