Simple Color: Saving Money and Space with Hair Color Smarts

Many years ago, I worked alongside a very creative scientist who came up with a fourteen color line. I was commissioned to travel the country introducing the line to cosmetologists who really embraced the concept enthusiastically—it is simple to understand. Unfortunately, at the time, there were not enough renters or dedicated colorists to embrace the concept with numbers attractive to a manufacturer and the color line was canned.

 Fast-forward to today and we find lots of colorists and renters squeezing their entire professional inventory into a small cabinet. Perhaps it is time to dust off the concept? I will be presenting three seminars at IBS NY March 4-6 on Simple Color. The seminar offers an interactive handout so you can actually follow along formulating with me during the seminar. Here are some of the highlights:

  • You use the Nn (extra gray coverage) line as your level finder and base, but you only buy either odd or even numbers to make many colors. For example: half of 4Nn+half of6Nn make 5Nn and so on
  •  Add red, yellow or blue to Nn base depending on target tone & hue. Most of your colors will be a combination of the Nn series plus a red, gold or ash. Simple.
  • You also stock only 40volume developer and dilute on the spot for each formula.

 If you cannot attend IBS NY, you can purchase the forty-minute presentation today, including the interactive handout, today by going to:                                            

                             enter code IBSNY for a 20% show discount.

The handout has my contact info in case you have questions, or you can write me below.

 Hope to see you in NY!

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