From a young age, we’re taught the importance of teamwork. Perhaps no other industry understands mentorship, friendship and collaboration better than the beauty world. As artists, the freedom of expression is best amplified under a unified and supportive message, and at Ulta Beauty, the Design Team is the ultimate example of the benefits of teamwork.

“The Ulta Beauty Design Team, also known as Ulta’s ‘heart soldiers’ are a dynamic, diverse and undoubtedly talented group of industryrising stars,” says Nick Stenson, Ulta Beauty’s vice president of salon services and trend.

“Nick and I wanted to cultivate a team that embodied all of the attributes and qualities we learned were valuable so many years ago when he and I first met as Design Team hopefuls,” says Ammon Carver, Ulta Beauty’s chief artistic director. “Things like humility, work ethic, and passion were more important than Instagram followers, years of experience, or how many certifications you had.”

The team, which consists of 16 members, act as Ulta’s brand ambassadors. They get education, experiences and exposure, including on-camera and social media training, and platform artist experience.

Artists Justin Toves-Vincilione, Haley Kimble and Anthony Negron are part of the Design Team, and MODERN’s Artist Connective.

“Being on the Design Team for the Salon at Ulta Beauty, I have discovered who I am as a stylist, what I am meant to share as an educator and what I am destined to do as an artist in this beautiful industry,” Toves-Vincilione says. “Through priceless mentorship and education by leading, talented industry artists, I have been fully immersed in what it means to become well-rounded, impactful and part of a team.”

The Design Team represents Ulta Beauty in a way that demonstrates artistry and each stylist’s commitment to leading the industry as a whole, Kimble says.

“My role as a Design Team member is an accomplishment and a constant reminder why I love being a hairstylist and part of this industry,” Kimble says. “I’m able to develop my skills with the help of wonderful mentors and alongside encouraging teammates who share my same passion.”

Members of the Design Team attend beauty events throughout the country and are given editorial opportunities.

“As part of the team, I get to travel and do photoshoots,” Negron says. “But it’s also about taking everything I’ve learned from the extensive training I receive and bring it back into the salon to take care of my clients and give them a wow experience.”