Olivia Smalley staying on top of education - or is she "unsubscibing"?

Olivia Smalley staying on top of education - or is she "unsubscibing"?

Celebrity Hair + Makeup Artist, Olivia Smalley (@OMG Artistry), based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is tackling the COVID-19 crisis head-on, making herself available to salon pros by publishing her phone number for calls or texts. “I have posted my cellphone number on Instagram for hairstylists to reach out to me personally with questions, advice or someone to talk to. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

Smalley is sharing positive messages and tutorials on her Instagram page and stories, and hoping all salon pros are using this time to improve their skills on social media, cut, color, style or business.

Olivia Smalley - educator

Olivia Smalley - educator

MODERN checked in with her to get her tips on immediate, professional self-improvement. Here she shares her top 8:

1. Educate yourself! There are so many influencers, brands, and outlets providing free information and education.

2. Podcasts are incredible at this moment. I have a podcast where I talk about self-help, branding yourself and also growing your social media.  At this time we can look at this like our first-ever “offseason.” We need to maintain our mind and our education to come back stronger than ever. 

3. Take an online class! If you’ve ever wanted to learn something maybe a trade, even something that’s not beauty related, now is your time to do it! If you ever wanted to learn how to create Instagram videos for when you get back to work, I absolutely encourage it.

4. Go to Pinterest to create a brand mood board. Now is the perfect time to "rebrand." Things to look for - brand colors, textures, fonts, and an all-over vibe. For example, my brand mood board is a lot of pastels with a modern feel, lots of whites and greenery. 

5. Show the side of YOU. Shift your content during this time. 50% of the reason why people follow you on Instagram is because of you, now that we have that opportunity and the time let people know what your home like looks like, offer advice, open the floor to chat freely. 

6. Add value to your clients. More than ever right now we need to make sure that we are holding on to every single one of our clients. And how we do that is by adding value. Make sure that you are getting on the phone with them to reschedule their appointments, not just shooting them a mass text message. Ask them how they’re doing and if there’s anything they need at this time. Considering you’ll have more time in your hands offer them a free FaceTime on how to curl their hair at home. Things like this increase your value and loyalty with clients and they will never forget you helped them during this time. 

7. While we’re talking about clients ask them to pre-book two appointments out in order to ensure a full book for later on down the road to rekindle your losses at the current moment. 

8. Find ways to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe to fearmongering. Unsubscribe to temptation emails to purchase unnecessary items. Also, turn off notifications of apps encouraging you to purchase. 

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