Money may not bring happiness, but a salon shutdown proved that no money is a bummer and totally stresses you out. We salon professionals excel at our skills, creativity, and ability to make money, but often lack the discipline to keep it. Yes, this is officially a tough love blog. Take a seat.

Your money habits begin forming with what you saw growing up—lots, nothing, mixed. Then, your student loan affects your money habits for years to come. You probably graduated with multi-thousand-dollar beauty school debt and racked up more debt your first salon years as you built your clientele. That’s ok, that’s how it works, and you did what you had to. But don’t make living paycheck to paycheck your way of life. Most of all, don’t accept living in debt as normal. It’s not.

Fear made me realize that no money, not only meant going without, but brings a loss of independence. When you are out of money you need quick solutions in the form a job, any job (images of awful supervisors), or a loan from family or friend (lots of baggage here) or sell something you prize—any of which make you more unhappy. I grew up not knowing where money came from, seriously. I kept making foolish money choices until I surrendered to a money coach (Larry, my accountant). So, I write you as someone who has been there and made the tough choices.

Here are a couple of money excuses I used on myself that I will debunk:

  1. You have to like numbers. Wrong, you have to like security. I’m not into numbers, nope.  Successful salon pros, right in your salon, probably don’t like numbers either. They, like me, sought advice, followed it blindly, and kept asking again & again for direction. We made time to learn how to keep our money—kicking and screaming, but got it done.
  2. It takes a lot of time and you don’t have it. That’s like living in a tent and saying, “I won’t live in a house because it takes too long to build it.” You take the time to build your house and then it’s all about maintenance. With money, you set up a system that works for you and then it’s all about maintenance.

 Want to give it a go? Start by chewing on these two simple wealth building rules from my upcoming program:

  1. Live below your means: you don’t need to impress anyone in the salon. Dress professionally, do great consultations, be a good team player. That’s what will bring you money, not spending money you don’t have on shiny objects.
  2. Learn to say, “I can’t afford it.Notice I didn’t write, “I don’t have the money.” You might well have the money, but you know how you want to spend it. Maybe building a three-month emergency fund?  
    If you have difficulty even thinking about saying #2, you are probably living beyond your means.
  3. People know when someone is living above their paygrade. People also genuinely admire someone who admits they cannot afford or do not want to spend on something. It’s not a demerit, but a badge of honor.

In the midst of this financial pandemic, I will offer a 30-minute FREE #moneysmarts coaching session to the first ten salon pros that contact me. Offer expires two-weeks after publication date on this article. Send your full name and city to:

Don’t worry, I have nothing to sell you-- just a helping hand. We can phone, Zoom, Facetime. And, my lips a sealed. ;-)


Carlos Valenzuela is as a hairdresser, trainer, ex-salon & school owner. His focus is guiding salon professionals to a more fulfilling career & lifestyle.  contact:   carlosvalenzuela45   @carvale19

Want to Be Better About Managing Your Money?
Want to Be Better About Managing Your Money?

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