Akin Konizi, international creative director for HOB Academy

Akin Konizi, international creative director for HOB Academy

  • Whether you’re an assistant, a stylist or a manager, it’s easy to pick up bad habits over the years. But identifying them and breaking them is easier than you think, according to Akin Konizi, international creative director for HOB Academy.

  • But, as 2020 gives us all a bit of time to think and reset, it’s the perfect opportunity to break bad habits – and start new ones!

“Not all habits are bad, but those that are tend to stem from boredom or stress,” Akin says. “Bad habits may seem harmless, but they can affect the way you work, the quality of your work and the respect you get from clients and your team. Identifying your bad habits is the first step, and breaking them isn’t as hard as you think.

"2020 has been a year of reflection and it’s the perfect chance to break those habits and replace them with ones that will make you a better hairdresser.”


Five bad habits hairdressers can break, according to Akin Konizi

Habit: Boredom

Replace with: vigor. Being bored is the biggest habit to break. Think about why you are bored – it’s often because what you do has become repetitive. Try to work ‘consciously’ rather than just going through the motions.

Habit: Shunning responsibility

Replace with: culpability. We all need to be responsible for what we do – from the decisions we make to the hairstyles we create. Take responsibility for what you are creating and that will encourage your development.

Habit: Staffroom breaks

Replace with: getting out there. Sitting in the staffroom on your phone is such a waste of time, scrolling through gossip sites and general rubbish on social media. Because of social distancing it can be hard to be out on the floor, but use your free time with your team, watching what they are doing, have conversations with clients and team members.

Habit: Lack of communication

Replace with: share your expertise. Never ask your client “what are we doing today?” You’re the expert, inspire your clients! They are visiting you for the benefit of your expertise, your knowledge and your advice. Ask open questions about how they feel about their hair, make recommendations and explain why you’ve made those recommendations, ultimately reaching an agreement between you both.

Habit: using clippers

Replace with: scissors. Don’t be tempted to use the clippers just because they’re quick and easy. Keep prioritising your scissor-over-comb skills; it develops your scissor action and opens up a world of cutting opportunities.

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About HOB Academy

HOB Academy is the award-winning training academy, based in Camden in London, founded in 1997 as part of the HOB Salons group. Home to the HOB Creative Team and led by 4-time British Hairdresser of the Year Akin Konizi, the Academy caters for hairdressers of every level from across the world, and delivers first-class courses and seminars covering the full spectrum of hairdressing education from creative to business to fundamental, as well as bespoke and one-to-one tuition. The Creative Team has received numerous accolades and awards, including four British Colour Technician of the Year titles, British Artistic Team of the Year, and a British Hairdressing Business Award for Education, and produces annual photographic collections to wide critical acclaim.

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