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Formula How-To: Blonde Contrast by Lakme

Victoria Wurdinger | October 29, 2015 | 12:07 PM

The gradation of wolves’ color is clearly visible on each strand, but at a distance it creates multiple, but beautifully blended, tonalities in their fur. The objective was to create more dimension in the hair and focus on certain panels rather than coloring the entire head.




Natural level 7


Formula 1: 50 g Lakme haircolor, Kblonde decolorizer with 70 g Hydrox 20-volume developer


Formula 2: 20 g 10/22 ammonia-free, demipermanent color + 20 g 0/00 with 80 g 6-volume Developing Emulsion


Formula 3: 15 g 4/00 + 5 g 5/60 with 40 g 6-volume Developing Emulsion


1. Beginning at the highest point of the head, take diagonal partings from the crown to the front hairline, to create a natural pivot in the foiling pattern. Using Formula 1, foil two back-to back slices, alternating them with a natural section. Do not work past the occipital bone. Process 30 minutes or until you reach the pale yellow stage, then rinse.


2. Apply Formula 2 to all of the hair and process 10 minutes. Then rinse and towel dry until 80-percent dry.


3. Choose three to five focal points on the head and lightly backcomb the sections, creating a cushion from the root to the midshaft. Using Formula 3 on your color-dipped fingers, start at the ends and work the color up to the midshaft for a wet-to-dry application. Use cotton to separate sections. The hair should be darkest on the ends and gradually feather up the hair shaft. Process 20 minutes, then rinse. Less is more; avoid darkening too many sections.


Hair: Wendy Bond for Lakme

Photography and makeup: Yolanda Perez


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