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American Dreamer: Laura Kaszoni's (@lalasupdos) Success Story

Lauren Quick | March 2, 2016 | 2:43 PM
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Laura Kaszoni tries her hand at cutting hair… on herself, as a child. Whoops!

Everyone in Lala land has fabulous hair, guaranteed.

Laura Kaszoni might not be a name you know—maybe @lalasupdos rings a bell? The Instagram-famed updo expert didn’t have the smoothest path to beauty-industry success, but we doubt her more than 170,000 followers mind.


Kaszoni earned her first cosmetology degree in her native Romania before moving to the U.S. and finding her license wasn’t acknowledged here. She began splitting her time between property management and doing hair, but nothing fell into place until she had a very unhappy bridal client.


“I was so crushed by the fact that I ruined someone’s big day that I decided to go out and buy a doll and perfect my craft,” Kaszoni says.


She began practicing updos two to three hours every day—still does!—and the rest? History.

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