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Bridal Styling Dos & Don'ts

Lauren Quick | April 1, 2016 | 2:30 PM
Hair: Amanda Diedrich for Blohaute // Hair jewelry: Boutique de Voile, NYC (photo credit:, Chicago)
Photo By, Chicago

Fave4 Lead Style Expert and Blohaute Founder/CEO Amanda Diedrich shares her dos and don'ts for delivering picture-perfect bridal party hair.


  • Document everything. Keeping paper trails will save you and your clients headaches and stress. Whether it’s sending out a schedule of events before the big day or taking lots of photos, it’s important to be organized and clear. “Make sure to take pictures on the trial day,” Diedrich says. “It’s really hard to do exactly what the client wants again if you just try to memorize it.”
  • Take your time. Send contracts and schedules out well in advance, and make sure you have a cut-off date for the latest time you’ll accept a reservation; Diedrich typically doesn’t sign on for weddings that are a month or less away. “If I know I’m super busy already, I won’t overdo it,” she says. “It’s just not worth it; you really need to be your best self on someone’s wedding day.”
  • Eat and sleep. Not while styling, of course. “Eat well—and before,” Diedrich says. “It’s a long day. Get enough sleep. Bring snacks. It’s a


  • Make connections. Make sure you’re on the same page with the makeup artist and photographer. Everyone should be working with the same timeline for the day—including bridesmaids, mother of the bride and anyone else expecting to have her hair done.

  • Be confident. Charge what you’re worth. A wedding day is a big investment, but you know best what your skillset is and the type of clientele you can attract at a certain price point. Stand your ground on pricing. “Charging for the trial is the most important because you’re spending up to two hours styling,” Diedrich says.


  • Go rogue. If a client says she never wears her hair up but is thinking an updo will be perfect for her wedding day, try to steer her in another direction. Diedrich says that something totally out of your bride’s comfort zone does not bode well for her feeling at ease on an already-hectic day.
  • Be the hero. There is no shame in having an assistant; even if she’s just prepping hair or curling, your assistant can be a huge time-saver and stress-reliever for you. “Having an assistant gives you so much more time,” Diedrich says. “If you’re stressed on someone else’s wedding day, it shows.”
  • Copycat. A bridal party with similar, complementary styles is your goal; bridesmaids who have the same style as the bride is not. Diedrich says she has no problem stepping in if it seems like bridesmaids are going to end up looking a bit too much like the bride. If everyone has hair down, that’s one thing, but two crown braids will compete for attention in a negative way.

Hair: Amanda Diedrich // Photography: Gerber+Scarpelli Photography

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