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HAIR+ Summit 2016: Day 2

Jamie Newman | October 19, 2016 | 9:33 AM
Stacey Soble leads the business panel at the end of day two of the HAIR+ Summit.
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Frank Rizzieri, owner of Rizzieri Salon and Spas, hosts a medical spa run by an independent doctor at his flagship location. Trichology analysis, PRP therapy and other surgical procedures are performed there.
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An Evolve model showcases the brand's colorful Lollipop extensions during its track-two presentation.
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Gianni Fodera, Kate Wessing and Ricky Knowles present on behalf of New Image Labs on track two. Wessing, who does not suffer from hair thinning or loss, demonstrated how a hair system could provide added volume to the everday client.
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John Crager offers solutions for the unique needs of clients undergoing medical treatments and struggles.
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Alan Kossof of Teddie Kossof Salon in Northfield, IL, networks with fellow attendees network during day two of the HAIR+ Summit.
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Steve Reiss introduces a presenter on day two.
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Dr. Linda Kelley explains the unique needs an African-American client has in relation to specific hair types and textures.
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Sheila Wilson points out you have to keep in mind the condition, cut and color of your client's hair to enhance thinning hair.
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MODERN SALON MEDIA hosts its first educational summit at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast in Atlanta October 16 and 17, the HAIR+ Summit. The HAIR+ Summit is the only immersive hair loss education event created by salon professionals for salon professionals.

Day 2 of the HAIR+ Summit kicked off with a presentation from Sheila Wilson, salon owner and Intercoiffure vice president. Wilson spoke about the four Cs for clients with thinning hair (which actually turned into five Cs). Find out what they are here.

Dr. Linda Kelley took the stage next to explain the unique needs an African-American client has in relation to specific hair types and textures. She explained that the difference in hair types begin at the follicle. The hair follicle for curly hair has a curved structure, and the hair emerges at an angle. The hair shaft itself is flat. This structure makes textured hair more prone to dryness and breakage.

“Every kink and twist represents a point of weakness that can break,” Kelley said. “The curliness of the hair shaft makes it difficult for sebum and natural oils to fully coat the shaft.”

There is added pressure for textured-haired clients to have straightening procedures done to make hair more manageable. As a result of relaxers breaking down disulfide bonds and permanently changing the structure of the hair and damaging it and the scalp, these clients are susceptible to hair loss.

After a networking break, the day diverged into two tracks. Track one covered medical and surgical solutions more in-depth. Topics ranged from helping clients through chemotherapy and medical issues with John Crager of J. Crager Alternatives, consultation and referrals with Frank Rizzieri, owner of New Jersey-based Rizzieri Salon and Spas; and learning more about scopes, low-level laser light therapy, PRP and a range of trichology, dermatology and surgical solutions with Dr. Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical and Dr. Keith Jeffords of Paramount Plastic Surgery. Track one wrapped up with a Q&A with Jeffrey Paul, Bauman and Jeffords.

The second track dug deep into extensions, wigs and hair systems. HAIR+ Summit sponsors took the stage to discuss the options their brands offer stylists to help clients dealing with hair loss. Industry experts explained the differences between wigs, extensions and enhancements in the segment, and how you can choose the best solutions for your clients.

Both tracks reunited in the main ballroom for a business panel, led by SALON TODAY Editor-in-Chief Stacey Soble. Panelists included Wilson, Karen Gordon, Brent Hardgrave, Marsha Scott, Rizzieri and Paul to provide attendees with the knowledge needed to get started combatting hair loss in the salon, how to market these services, build a referral network within the community and more.

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