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Kenra Creates #DetoxDeflect Experience in LA

July 2, 2018 | 9:19 AM
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NEW Detox & Deflect System from Kenra Platinum
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Detox & Deflect System is an activated charcoal and diamond-infused hair care system from Kenra Platinum designed to detoxify hair of impurities and deflect pollutants to restore and preserve hair health and shine. Consisting of Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Detox Scrub, and a thermal-protecting, soft-hold Diamond Deflect Spray, this innovative system was introduced to an intimate gathering of social media beauty influencers during a June event in Los Angeles. Guests were able to experience the product through a series of five rooms;  within each room, tools, toys, and hands-on 'touch me' exhibits demonstrated the journey hair travels when using the system--from pollution to solution. 

At every point, there was an Instagram-worthy moment created, complete with props. and stops at stations that described the "why" behind the products. 

In the Pollution Room, for example, 'pollution'-signifying smoke poured down and pollution petri dishes were a great visual of what hair has to deal with, daily.

The Deep Detox Scrub Room was a chance to jump in a giant ball pit that represented the scrub beads in the line, that work to gently clarify and remove product build-up.

The tour also included a stop in The Diamond Room which featured sparkling walls and a 'diamond'-encrusted throne for some shining social snaps. 

"The event was so beautiful and the details were so on-point," says Derek Cash (@derekcashstyles)a Salon Centric Ambassador and invited guest. "We have seen products, before, that protect from the sun or that have color protection, but what's so unique about this system is that it's protecting against every day pollutants.  With global warming, and a changing environment, it is going to be more and more important to have products that help us protect and promote hair health."

 About Kenra Platinum Detox & Deflect System

Renew radiance and deliver brilliant shine with the NEW Detox & Deflect System from Kenra Platinum. In addition to a daily-use, safe-for color Shampoo and Conditioner, this comprehensive system includes:

A weekly Deep Detox Scrub packed with the highest concentration of activated charcoal to strip hair of excess product buildup

A finishing Diamond Deflect Spray with precious diamond dust to restore brilliance and provide soft styling hold

The Detox & Deflect System ranges from $18 – $40 and is available at salons nationwide.

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