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News The Red-Out Express Soothing Facial1. Cleanse skin. Apply contents of enclosed Repêchage® Red-Out® Cleanser (Step 1) packette into your palms and apply to client’s face and neck using circular motions. Gently remove with cotton saturated in lukewarm water. Repeat as necessary to thoroughly remove any residue. Warning: Use caution when using around the eye area. Pat skin dry with tissue.

All About Repêchage's Professional Express Facial Treatments

November 9, 2018

Providing express results for dull, uneven skin or sensitive skin concerns is faster and easier with the introduction of the Repêchage Biolight®Express Brightening Facial For Dull, Uneven Skin and the Repêchage Red-Out Express Soothing Facial For Sensitive Skin.


Algenist Releases Liquid Collagen Lip

November 7, 2018

In a unique dual-phase formula, Algenist combines a high percentage of active plant-based collagen, patented Alguronic Acid, botanical lip enhancers and hundreds of beads of Microalgae Oil.

News Glitter Mini Trio Collection

Colortrak's Glitter Mini Trio Collection

November 6, 2018

Celebrate the season with Colortrak's newest addition to its unique collection of glitter tint brushes. The Glitter Mini Trio collection includes the following products which are sized for easy, on-the-go use to transition from work, storage and travel seamlessly.

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