I just returned from such an incredible day full of passion, creativity and inspiration--all thanks to Oribe Hair Care and Illusions Color Spa in St. Louis, Missouri.

Marian Stones, the owner of Illusions, was nothing short of thrilled when she learned Oribe was coming to her salon for an exclusive training session for her staff. And, when MODERN was invited to come to Illusions on the day of Oribe's visit, we too were thrilled!

"Education is everything," Marian says. "My team at Illusions always strives to be better, we want to be the best we can be. We are very proud of our continuing education and make a point to brag to our guests about it. Our clientele is impressed by the education we pursue-- it makes our team continue to be motivated and makes our careers exciting. We don't just 'do' hair, we create new illusions.--we have the best job in the world." [READ MORE AFTER THE PICS!]

Being a part of this very special day for the Illusions staff was not only exciting, but it was beyond inspirational. When Oribe pulled up to the salon, all the stylists whipped out their cameras and applauded as he walked into the space. Marian was nearly in tears as she welcomed him into Illusions (which, by the way, is a nine-time Salon Today 200 winning salon!). It was very moving to see her dreams come true.

Oribe, along with his incredible "right hand woman" Judy, chose three stylists from the salon to create gorgeous updos, voluminous curled sets, a French twist with touseled texture and demo'd how to achieve the perfect wig fitting--all achieved using Oribe's line of styling products.

Oribe is fascinated by the true superstars, the super models, the divas, "the pussycats"--it really should come as no surprise as Oribe himself is a true superstar; not only was the Illusions staff a little star struck to see the man in action, but the clientele who were welcomed into the salon following the training were also star struck to meet Oribe, as he mingled with guests over cocktails and appetizers.