Hair care for a young client like Hailee Steinfeld
should center on maintaining the hair’s good health and
youthful freshness, says Mohammad Rahebi,
stylist at Identity Salon in Encino, California. To achieve
this look, Rahebi recommends using the Izunami
Arrojo S125 flatiron
for safe, fast and easy styling.

Try it: “For high-profile events, agile, styling perfection
is a must and this iron delivers in spades,” says
Rahebi. The Arrojo S125’s triple ceramic-infused plates
heat up quickly and allow smoothing with a single pass
through the hair which helps maintain the hair’s health.
“With her extraordinary talent and natural, wholesome,
age-appropriate fl air, I think she will continue to enchant
us. She is definitely a girl to watch,” says Rahebi.

Celebrity Style: Hailee Steinfeld

Celebrity Style: Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld. (Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)