Steve Elias is no stranger to working on editorial photoshoots. Named
Editorial Stylist of the Year in 2010 by the North American Hairstyling
Awards, Elias has a passion for creating beautiful looks that come
alive on the pages of a magazine.

For his “Joy of Spring” photo shoot, Elias was inspired by the
soft textures and strong shapes that have dominated fashion shows in 2011.
“I wanted to follow the runway trends and create versatile looks that
reflect them,” he says.

When he began to narrow his vision into a collection, shape was the
name of the game. “The hard and soft textures combining into one shape
was my inspiration—I’m all about the yin and yang.”

Choosing the perfect team to help make his vision come to life was a
no-brainer. “Billy Winters (photographer) and I have been working together
forever,” says Elias. “I trust his amazing fashion aesthetic. Jonathan—
my make-up artist—has an amazing eye for details and, in a make-up
artist, that is important!”

But it is Elias himself who leads the way to success in his shoots. He is
a firm believer in precise planning to achieve the best possible results—
“those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” he says.

And after many successful shoots, Elias has a firm grasp on the key to
getting it right.

“Trust in your creative vision, but always be open to accepting suggestions
from your team,” he says. “You are all artists, and someone might
see something you don’t.”

For those who’ve never done an editorial shoot or are looking to improve
their skills, Elias offers this advice: “Start off small and find people
who are in the same place you are and are willing to collaborate—you’ll
mutually benefit one another in the creative process. Build your book
slowly, and you will be surprised how much you learn about hair and
about yourself in the process!”

Behind the Cover - April 2011
Steve Elias winning his NAHA for Editorial
Stylist of the Year at last year’s North
American Hairstyling Awards.

Behind the Cover - April 2011
Elias always has a good time—no matter
whose hair he’s doing!

Behind the Cover - April 2011
The cover of Modern Salon (April 2011).