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 When we’ve poked around the hashtag #bowlcut, we’re seeing it worn by all genders, on all different hair types, including Afro-texture, and were intrigued to see how flattering it can be. 

While once considered the ultimate at-home cut (just plop that bowl on head and use as a guide), the cut took on overtones, recently, that we are happy to see being dispelled. 

Reclaiming the bowl cut and making it a thoroughly modern shape, one that can be worn by anyone, spurred us to reach out to one stylist whose work we discovered on the hashtag highway.


Salon owner and stylist, Alex Miller @booboos.salon has been a hairdresser for 15 years. She opened her space, Booboo’s Salon, in 2017, in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood, specializing in straight razor carving, precision cutting, and bangs. 

And she makes the bowl cut –and so many other cuts—look on-trend and timely.  We asked her to share her take on this sometimes controversial cut.

MODERN SALON: Bowl cuts…tell us how you feel about them.

ALEX MILLER: Bowl cuts are hot. It’s a timeless way to wear your hair cropped and it’s ultra versatile. It can be worn down for a moody Sassoon vibe, curly and voluminous, slicked back into a pompadour, side parted and tucked behind one ear for an elegant Twiggy look. The possibilities are truly endless!

MS:  What kind of client should go for it? 

AM: Simply anyone who desires to wear the cut. It’s effortless, can be cut to grow out seamlessly, and it works on all hair textures. 

MS: Our  idea of a bowl cut is more like Moe from The Three Stooges so we love being proved wrong—this is a cool cut!

AM: Honestly, I’ve always been inspired by Moe’s cut! He was definitely the coolest looking Stooge. His cut is a very literal interpretation of the bowl cut, but it’s the same blueprint used today. There are definitely much sexier examples of course.

 When consulting with a client I often reference 90s babes like T-Boz, Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Kris Jenner. Then you’ve got modern babes like Karen O, Rihanna, Zendaya, Robert Pattinson and Timothee Chalamet. It’s all about customizing it to fit each client. That’s what makes it look cool. 

MS: Why do you think we’re seeing this cut everywhere OR is this a cut that has always been around but it’s just having a resurgence?

AM: I think the modern shag and mullet have shown people that having a cut that opens up the eyes and cheekbones is universally flattering. I mean, many mullets and shags are just a bowl cut with a tail or extra length! I’m definitely seeing more clients open to cropping their hair short, and the bowl cut is an excellent way to experiment with that because it’s much easier to grow out than a pixie. It can seamlessly transition into a bob, and can be worn in a multitude of styles to make the grow out painless. If you’re attracted to the haircut, go for it! You will look effortlessly cool. 

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