Thicker, stronger hair is possible with René Furterer.

Thicker, stronger hair is possible with René Furterer.

Hair professionals have been quick to pick up on the challenge to address the sharp rise in hair loss concerns among both men and women – And the opportunity to educate their clients and teach preventative tactics of thinning hair to make their clients feel more confident with their look.

Los Angeles salon owner and stylist Jorge Serrano is known as one of Hollywood’s most creative coiffure artists – for instance, he transitioned Kris Jenner out of her Boss Pixie using thickening mousse, texturing spray, and some clip-in extensions (he joined the Kardashian glam squad in 2015).

But clip-ins won’t be necessary when following Serrano’s advice on how to keep hair healthy even in nail-biting times. His eponymous salon in LA’s trendy Sycamore district has been offering 30-minute, $150 scalp treatments since early 2021. “It is great for our business to offer a service that is spa-like and can be done as an add-on to an existing appointment,” says Serrano.  The treatment delivers a powerful boost to the client’s confidence, even before results are visible. Hair loss creates a feeling of helplessness, but taking a proactive approach restores the client’s sense of control and optimism for the future. He trains his crew to listen for “key words” once the client is in the chair, and once in conversation, to gently uncover issues like dandruff, oily scalp, flakiness and hair loss.

Serrano adds that scalp treatments are not recommended within 48 hours of color or other chemical services.

René Furterer combines plant extracts with essential oils that are rigorously selected to...

René Furterer combines plant extracts with essential oils that are rigorously selected to perfect the beauty and health of hair and scalp.

Tricoci Salon and Spa in Chicago have created a new, 30-minute, $65 scalp revival protocol which begins with using a High Frequency Comb with red light therapy. Larry Silvestri, COO adds, “Then we cleanse the scalp with René Furterer Complexe 5 and detoxifying shampoos, followed by a scalp massage to stimulate blood flow.” He also explains that René Furterer Complexe 5 combats DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the byproduct of testosterone that often results in receding hairline and hair thinning at the crown and temples.

Nelida D’Allessandro, Color Creative Regional Manager, explains that the deep cleansing is necessary to free the follicles of any debris and rebalance the pH of the scalp skin, adding “The High Frequency Comb kills impurities, encourages blood flow to the scalp, and penetrates skin cells to promote collagen growth.”

Jennifer Doljanin, Color Creative Regional Manager, adds that proper home care between professional treatments is necessary for optimal results, explaining that the salon’s Scalp Health Advisor will recommend one of two René Furterer Thinning kits, both including Complexe 5.

Amanda Boyd is a fourth-generation hair stylist at Oak Street Hair Group in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

“The stress of COVID really takes its toll on the well-being of the hair,” says Boyd, who joined the elegant salon in 2009 where she now works alongside eight of her family members.

Boyd says that she “…grew up using René Furterer products on both men and women clients,” and that a recent rise in hair loss has led to more clients seeking scalp treatments. The salon’s owner, Eric Egea, knew René Furterer personally, and Furterer products are a mainstay of the salon.

“If a client is having issues with hair loss while shampooing or brushing, I would definitely recommend the Triphasic Progressive. And if someone has had surgery or is on new medication, I would suggest Triphasic Reactional,” she adds.

A soothing, a-la-carte scalp massage with Complexe 5 for $35 helps reduce inflammation and improve microcirculation in the scalp, and allows treatment ingredients to penetrate more effectively. The serum contains orange and lavender essential oils, a sweetly botanical fragrance that Boyd says  “…make the experience spa-like and pleasurable. [Giving] my client a deep sense of relaxation, so they can just close their eyes and really enjoy the moment.”

Whether inspired by the spa-like bliss of sweet fruit and floral botanicals, or spurred into action by seeing handfuls of hair in the shower drain, clients are ready to be educated about hair thinning and how to maintain a healthy mane. And stylists agree that addressing this now-common experience with tact and effective treatments offers a unique opportunity to cement the bond between stylist and client, and build lasting loyalty.

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