Angel del Solar, co-founder of 18.21 Man Made, artist and educator, has set out to show that almost any shape can be created in hair when you have a process for achieving it.


On his successful YouTube channels, Por Los Pelos and Angel del Solar, he has amassed millions of views on his cutting videos. The inspiration for his cuts is wide-ranging, from Japanese comic characters like Naruto, to grunge rocker Kurt Cobain and young K-Pop artists.  It’s hair that looks too graphic, too perfect to be real…which is exactly the point.

“People come into the salon with a picture on a phone and they say, I want this look, and I see a lot of professionals struggling to reproduce the look,” says del Solar. “As soon as it gets out of the realm of what they are comfortable with, they don’t know how to move forward.  But I’m a solutions-based person, and I come up with education that helps them succeed.  We are losing stylists because they feel they can’t be successful.”


To help close that education gap, del Solar offers so, SO much education on his channels. As well as his virtual instruction, he’s also an on-the-ground, hands-in-hair educator, who teaches across the country (look for his next education sessions happening in Dallas on May 20-21, 2022, and then, again, on October 2-2, 2022).  He’s also developing an online course that will be available soon.

Of his passion for teaching, del Solar, says, “It’s about passing it on in a way that makes sense.  Some of our industry’s great hairdressers are going to die and things will get lost unless we really make an effort to pass along what they know.”

Angel del Solar

Angel del Solar

Angel del Solar started the men's grooming line, 18.21 Man Made Haircare.

In this video interview, he takes us through some of his most successful videos, showing how he breaks down the cut, and just has fun with it.

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