While you hear talk of inflation mentioned everywhere, you really feel it when you’re filling your shopping cart—real or virtual—and see how prices have risen in recent months.  

Inflation, in simple terms, means your dollar has lost purchasing power as the cost of goods creeps steadily up.  Everything from a gallon of milk to a tank of gas will take a bigger chunk out of your budget.

Supply chain issues, many of which can be attributed to challenges created by the ongoing COVID pandemic, may be exacerbated by the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia. And this results in rising prices and increased scarcity, making it harder to put your hands on some of the things you need and use, regularly.

Because most money experts predict that inflation isn’t going to improve any time soon—and many see a worsening situation as the year progresses—we wanted to hear from stylists on how they’re tackling this price creep.

How Hairstylists Are Saving Money

5 Stylists on How They're Saving During this Period of High Inflation
5 Stylists on How They're Saving During this Period of High Inflation

Since COVID hit, we have been checking in with our community of artists to see how they’re coping with the ever-changing circumstances.  Salons and stylists have been especially hard hit by business lockdowns and consumer concerns around receiving personal care services during the pandemic. And now, they're battling inflation.

From reusing and recycling, to measuring every pour of color, to couponing and taking advantage of sales, here are some strategies for making your money go further from five busy beauty professionals.


“I order my salon necessities online. I rarely go into the brick-and-mortar anymore so that I don’t wind up spending more on the eye catching things, those impulse purchases that 'I think I need’. I also stock up a few month’s worth when there are sales.

“I have also found that purchasing certain brands directly from the manufacturer gives me points and discounts that I wasn’t receiving from Salon Centric. I was never a huge fan of using credit cards but now I only use my credit card to get points. This has also helped me to see how much I spend each month and has helped me to spend less.”

Jessica Correch


“Order gloves from medical suppliers. Buy foils at Smart and Final (a grocery warehouse store, with locations on the west coast).  A big box when torn gives you 1000 and the box is $13 in Los Angeles area.  They have special sizing so they’re nice and long, too.

No gimmicky blow dryers. They just don’t last as long and are super pricey.

Salon Scale is amazing for calculating your actual product costs! Pony up for better color lines. Pay once cry once. You won’t have to redo things as much if the color is better quality.

Don’t be afraid to exchange color that is unopened and unused. If it has been in your cabinet, reach out to your supplier about swapping it. That’s thousands of dollars that go wasted, sitting in our cabinets."

Jessica Page Morelli



"I've noticed an increase in the price of gloves.  I buy sturdy ones that I can wash and reuse.  And I'm always glad for that monthly call from Salon Centric, telling me when L’Oréal and Pureology will be on sale.  That is such a nice phone call to get."

Emma Carafotes 

Montrose, CA

“I coupon for diapers and sometimes food. I wait for sales. I buy large gallons of generic developer."

Shannon Marie Demont


“I’ve been downgrading on my foils, waiting for sales and then stocking up, and I started using Salon Scale to track my color expenses to make sure I’m charging everyone appropriately for extra color so even if I accidentally over mix it’s accounted for.

They have literally been a godsend. Just from last year alone I made five-thousand dollars extra from the colors I was already doing but wasn’t charging correctly for extra product. And it saves all the formulas; you can add client pics and inspiration pics, detailed information, so it actually helps you save time too."

Sarah Malinda


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