In mid-March of 2020, we were reeling and the COVID crisis was changing by the day.  By the hour, really.  For the members of MODERN SALON’s Artist Connective, a tribe of talented, supportive stylists, the situation was rapidly evolving. 

At that time, many had stopped working or were completely closed.  They were waiting on unemployment to kick in, looking for guidance, finding ways to connect and create, and praying for a cure. 

Now, as 2020 is coming to a close, and so much has happened in our world, we asked them to give us a quick, 20-word description to the prompt, “What got me through 2020.”  We heard faith, family, puppies, and pasta and so, so much gratitude. 

Here’s how some of these amazingly resilient artists replied…

What got me through 2020 is knowing I’ve survived 100% of my hardest days and that I have the strength to continue to do so. ❤️- Aly Davis​ @alydavishair

Knowing that I’m not alone. Knowing that as long as I have my loved ones still with me, nothing else matters. - Erin Mills @erin.mills

What got me through 2020 was the birth of my son. No matter the state of the world, he’s my anchor. -Hailey Livingston @haileymahonehair

What got me through 2020 was adapting and taking it day by day. Knowing that I’m not alone, we all are going through it. And having time off was great to pause and redirect 🙏🏻—Shannon Marie Demont @shanondemont

What got me through 2020 was remembering how fortunate I am to have a loving, supportive family by my side.-Natalie Thomas @bridal_bynatalie

My respectful clients!-Diana Giannini @lzhouseofhair

This beautiful face! -Melissa Eppers @roguehairstudio

Stylists Share What Got Them Through 2020
Stylists Share What Got Them Through 2020

pic: Melissa's baby, Moya

My family and the support of my fellow hairstylists! Remembering how things could always be worse and how fortunate I still am. Also dad jokes. — Caralee Fox Pridemore @caraleestyles

My family, friends/clients, and prayer got me through.🙏—Melanie Sorrow @melaniesorrowhair

What got me through 2020 was nothin’ but faith. God's plan ❤️❤️—Amanda Lynn Ludwig @thehairwhich

The only thing that got me through 2020 was copious amounts of pasta, wine, and the phrase "This too shall pass"— Brendan Buoni @thebalayageboy

Lots of Netflix and I got a puppy that melts my heart. He’s the sweetest monster you’ll ever meet ♥️ —Stephanie Hodges @stephhstyles

Stylists Share What Got Them Through 2020
Stylists Share What Got Them Through 2020

pic: Stephanie's little monster, Leo

My husband, family and friends, the time to truly focus in on what matters most, and a bit of wine. -Haley Garber @beautybyhaleygarber

What helped me get through 2020 was reprioritizing my life and actually living it. ❤️—Sally Lemmo @clevelandhairboss

My horses and urban farming really kept my head in gear. I’d be lost without my horses. -Jessica Page Morelli @hairhunter

Alone during the 13 week lockdown was brutal! My pittbull Chance,  my awesome industry friends online and my VIP clients! —Johnee  Livingston @jcashthehairtech

What got me through 2020 was my family and friends. -Aoife Seitz @blendedblondes

What got me through 2020 was my salon if it wasn’t for my clients and the love and support they showed I wouldn’t know what to do ‼️❤️—Alisha Rodrigues @hairmajestiii


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