Across the US, How These Stylists Are Coping During Crisis
Across the US, How These Stylists Are Coping During Crisis

What a difference a week makes during this current crisis.  We had checked in with some of our family, our Artist Connective Members, just two weeks ago to see how they were coping--and so much has changed, since.  We asked them to provide us with an update... 


While the government hasn’t shut us down yet, we aren’t working. It feels too risky now and it’s grown at rapid rates. We are a booth rental salon. While the amount of people in my salon is always limited, I just don’t want to add to the issue. Our town is a ghost town right now. My city is tourist based and this is the beginning of the prime season for spring break and it’s so empty. It’s so sad. 😢 Aly Davis​ @alydavishair

I’m the head colorist of Whip Salon Westport, CT. We’ve been closed for about a week and a half for the foreseeable future. I’m commission based. I’m currently waiting for unemployment to go through and I got into state insurance. Seems like we won’t open again until May 1st. Some of my clients have been great and have been pre-paying me tips so I have something to live off of. Can’t wait for this to be over.

Alyssa Wiener @alyssawiener

I just opened Theory Salon in Orlando 6 months ago. I have a team of 17 people and we are closed down for three weeks (we hope!). Orlando is officially on lockdown until April 9th. Honestly, I’m afraid it might be longer and as a new business owner, it’s scary! It’s scary to think I might not be able to provide for my team, it’s scary not knowing when this will all be over. But, I find hope in knowing we are ALL in the same boat. We are all in a grey area, but all showing up for each other and spreading so much love!

Erin Mills @erin.mills

It's been 10 days since my salon closed down. To me, the most uncomfortable thing is the fact that nobody knows really what's going on. I was advised by my workplace to apply for unemployment so I did. I'm in a commission salon, and our salon is very close as a whole. We call ourselves a family, and our group chat has been very active this whole time. Our owners have been keeping us updated, helping us get info for unemployment and offering guidance. My co-workers have been keeping in touch with each other, cause gosh darn it we all miss each other. I think the next step now is to keep our guests informed, and I'm going to borrow a quote from Candy Shaw; "We need to let our guests know that they need us, that they need to support us, and that they need to wait for us! If not we won't have a business to come back to. It's really important that we share this message, it's really important that we stand United and stand tall!"

For me that hit hard because I know that this will all end eventually, but the question remains "now what?"

Brendan Buoni @thebalayageboy

Our salons and barber shops had to close down. Our boss laid us all off on Monday so we could file for employment. I’m an employee. We took two weeks for quarantine and then two days before we were set to return, VA mandated non essential businesses close for 30 days. We’ve been heartbroken but we’re hopeful and planning for a reopen when this is all said and done! I’m spending my time with my kid and pup, did a lot of cleaning, focusing on myself and personal growth. @hairbybritny

Britny Nate Basset @hairbybritny

Unfortunately we are still in complete shut down in Philadelphia.  Small businesses are crumbling around me, and my heart just breaks.  My salon will remain closed until we are allowed to re open.  Financially, it’s a scary time for everyone.  We’re commission based which means we are bringing in ZERO dollars until we can work again.  Emotionally It’s a little bit scarier.  However one thing has remained..... the need to get back behind my chair.  I miss doing hair SO much! I miss my coworkers and bosses.  I miss my client family!  When all of this is over, there will be a new found appreciation for LIFE and how to live it.

Amanda Lynn Ludwig @Thehairwhich

Salons in Ohio are closed until April 8, 2020, until further notice. Stylists around here seem optimistic and encouraging everyone to stay home so we can get back to work quickly! I've had 8 more weddings postpone and reschedule. Thankfully it's been working out. I only have a small dedicated space for a bridal lounge, so I am now filming tutorials and working on other beneficial ways of helping brides.  Today I suggested to a bride on IG that I could send her a full detailed "How-to" for a small fee to help her while she does her own on May 2nd with her now elopement.

She declined - but I never thought I would be able to help in that strange way. Now  My-wheels are a-turnin with more ideas. ;)

Caralee Fox Pridemore @caraleestyles

I work in a salon in Warrington, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. We have been closed for a week and a half now and our area is on lockdown until 4/6 as of now. I am commission based so being that we are closed I have zero income right now and am waiting for my unemployment to hopefully go through. The hardest part is not having an exact end in sight. I’ve been at my salon for 18 years. I miss my salon family, I miss my client family and I miss doing hair so much!! I’m just trying to remain positive, enjoy this extra time with my kids, and watch lots of online education to keep my head in the game. We will all come out of this stronger and more appreciative of all the everyday things that we take for granted ❤️

Marina Veneziale Sellechia @colorbymarina

Here in Chicago land we are shut down indefinitely. Well they did give us a date of April 7 but I really don’t believe that that’s going to happen. I own RockIt Studio.  I still am working by myself I have no renters, nothing and everything is on me. Thankfully I have savings but I know a lot of people don’t and I feel super bad for them. My client started just canceling, I contact them and told them that the salon was closed so I have a list of 40 people at the moment that I need to reschedule and I don’t know where I’m going to put them. This is the problem with booking out I’m gonna have to work seven days a week to get everybody in. Or then  ou feared that some other Salon will be able to get them in and then you’ll lose them as a client and being the sole owner in my 950 ft.² salon that scares me. Sitting around is not something that stylist like to do, I am always on the go and lately I’ve just been sitting on my couch watching CNN hoping that this is going to be over. I can’t wait to get back into the salon and create all kinds of great stuff but unfortunately I’ll be so busy just covering gray hair that I won’t be able to create anything for weeks. I am thankful for that kind a clientele because they are there religiously. But I am with them I am not coloring my hair until I can go back to the salon and color their hair.

Just praying that this is all going to be over soon. 

Elyse Rox @elyserox00

Our salon is closed (for at least 30 days). Not only do I work behind the chair, but I’m a traveling independent educator. So, not only has this impacted my behind the chair business, but also my teaching income. I have had to postpone classes due to the current situation. I can’t wait to resume teaching. I miss it so much!

I have been wanting to put my education online, so I am using this time to get this started! I’ve been doing tons of business meetings with my FreeByrd tech team to bring my online education to life!

Sarai Speer @theplatinumgiraffe

 Our salon closed on Saturday the 21st. I’m a commission stylist. As of right now we are closed until April 7th (I have a feeling it will be until May). I signed up for unemployment. I’ve noticed a ton of people offering free education on Instagram and Facebook so I’ve been spending my time with my kids and catching up on education. I am also an independent educator. All of my classes have been postponed, but I am spending all of my extra time bringing it online. Hoping that I will have enough time and focus to make it happen soon ❤️

Shannon Marie @Daymakerschair


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