How Coronavirus Is Affecting These Stylists Across the US
How Coronavirus Is Affecting These Stylists Across the US

We regularly tap into our MODERN SALON family of beauty professionals, the members of our exclusive ARTIST CONNECTIVE, to get their feedback on so many things--from what's trending to how clients are spending in the salon.  When we asked them how the coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting them, their community, and their business, the responses were as varied as their locations. 

"I’m currently in South Carolina where it’s beginning to spread and I’ve been telling people to please do your research and not let the media cause you any panic. We’ve always had signs in our bathrooms encouraging hand washing, etc as well as provide sanitizer at every station. Our salon has always been clean and guests always know to please reschedule if they feel ill." –Aly Davis

"I’m in Westport, Connecticut, we have 2 cases and NY is going crazy as you know. We’ve sent out multiple emails telling our clientele how we’re sanitizing every single thing, how our staff will be sent home if they’re feeling sick in any way, and asking them to also reschedule if they’re feeling under the weather. People have definitely been rescheduling and it’s been a little slower, but nothing incredibly impactful yet thank goodness." –Alyssa Wiener

"I'm located in Washington, so you can imagine how crazy it is here! The reports of more and more infections keep rising and keep getting closer to my area. Our salon posted a few guides for our guests on how to wash hands properly, and how our salon was dealing with this new sickness. We have requested guests showing any symptoms at all reschedule and we have let our stylists know to ask guests to reschedule if they show up sick. We have tried to deal with this as quietly as possible, we don't wanna feed into any panic or assumptions about anything but we make sure to wipe down any surfaces that have been touched so our guests are we are aware and activley trying to limit the spread of disease." –Brendan Buoni

"I’m located in Philadelphia. At first there wasn’t much panic.  But as of last week, I’m having cancellations like crazy.  People are calling the salon and asking if we are taking preventative measures towards the virus. Which we are deep cleaning day and night.  Concerts, parades, holiday events are being cancelled all over Philadelphia." –Amanda Lynn Ludwig

"I’m in Richmond, VA.We just had our first person who tested positive, so it hasn’t been too crazy. It hasn’t yet affected our salon life or my schedule, but time will tell. Today we implemented a new cleaning schedule that the apprentices take turns doing every 45 minutes. Think; wiping off the toilet seats and bathroom sinks, wiping down the chairs and tables, wiping off the pens we use at front desk, etc. We are just trying to be proactive in helping everyone stay as germ free as possible in our space. No ones panicking yet and we hope it stays that way!" –Britny Naté Bassett

"I’m in Chicago land area and it hasn’t been too too bad here yet but it’s going to be. And we have implemented cleaning like crazy every time somebody gets up from a chair we clean the armrest clean the entire chair when we’re done with them. Asking people stay home with her sick I text him in the morning to see if they’re feeling well. I had one lady that flies in from out of town she canceled her appointment. But otherwise I don’t see that it’s going to affect me too bad hopefully fingers crossed. We are constantly cleaning and they know how clean I keep my salon and they know how I’m a freak about germs."–Elyse Rox

"I haven’t posted anything yet. We have hand sanitizer, and will ask clients to stay home if sick (no brained you would think)."--Shannon Marie Demont

"The salon I work at is in Warrington, PA. We haven’t had clients start cancelling their appointments yet. But that’s all anyone was talking about today in the salon. We have hand sanitizer at the front desk for them to use as soon as they check in, and the salon is being wiped down thoroughly with bleach wipes every night."--Marina Veneziale Sellechia

"Actually, it effected me personally tonight and I’m so upset! I had an out of town bride scheduled for 3-28-20 and her wedding has now been postponed and they are on lockdown in NYC... her fiancé called me to tell me, so I’m officially out of a wedding that day and not making!"--Caralee Fox Pridemore

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