Editor's NoteOk, we didn't expect the level of--let's call it "openness"--in these responses when Jill Wright said she had permission to share them.  Wright, the Event Coordinator for the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies, a yearly nails-only show held in July at the Gatlinburg, TN Convention Center, has an active community of nail friends on Facebook, and she often poses questions and takes informal surveys.
We did decide a few responses were a bit too "R"-rated and would have required a trigger warning, so they were not included but you can use your imagination.  They involved piercings, adult diapers, and some other grown-up stuff. 


Shocking but true, nail techs spill the client tea.

Shocking but true, nail techs spill the client tea.

Alexey Marcov from Pixabay

For this survey, Wright asked: 


“She was going to kill her husband and just exactly how she was going to do it.” - Pam Kempf

The rest of the story: “She was having an affair and owned a company with her husband, but didn't want to split it, so she devised a plan to have him hit by a car. She had his routine, the cross streets that it would happen and the time he would be hit. This went on for a couple of visits. I was a new tech in the salon so I didn't know what to do--do you tell and it not be true so you lose a client, if you don't say something someone might die? Well, in the end I couldn't keep it to myself so I talked with the owner of the salon.  On the lady's next visit she told me her husband walked in on her and her boyfriend.  Apparently, he was ok with her affair, after all, and they continued to stay married.”

“My client told me that she was gagged and tied up. I was trying to tell if it was consensual...and it was.” - Skylar Young

The rest of the story: “She was tied to a chair and gagged and her boyfriend took pictures. The chair fell over and she looked dead. After the film developed, she realized it wasn’t sexy and they broke up shortly afterwards. The apartment staff found the pics left in the apartment and a detective showed up at her job because he thought she was MURDERED.”

“An elderly customer who I did for years was having a conversation about leaking. She stood up, pulled her pants down to show me the pad she was wearing. I was staring at an 86 year old vagina!” - Brenda Rogers Gibson

“See the lady getting her hair done behind me? I’m sleeping with her husband.” I almost fell over. - Melanie Rivera-Maurice

“My 63 year old client said she was doing 'granny' porn. When she made the the centerfold she brought it in and asked if I wanted it autographed. It really didn't bother me much until I saw the centerfold..."-Gina Estrada

“When I first got out of nail school I had a client that wanted a pedicure with gel and an acrylic fill. (Granted I was new to the industry and I did the best that I could do). When I was finished she looked at me and said I need to quit my job and I did the worst job that she had ever seen. The client also called me a horrible nail tech. I cried right in front of her, then walked away.” - Delia Caruso

“A client said ‘I went into solitary confinement for 30 days so I wouldn't have to cut off my stiletto nails!" - Julia Montney Paul

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