Whether she’s training stylists, working on editorial photoshoots or transforming clients in her salon, one of the most frequently asked questions Vicki Casciola, hairtalk® extensions Global Artistic Director, receives from both professionals and clients is, “how can I use extensions to conceal thinning hair?”

From clip-ins, tape-ins and sew-ins, to thermal fusion, temporary and semi-permanent toppers, Hairtalk offers a full suite of hair extension methods and topper solutions.

Casciola stresses that it’s not a one size fits all. The cause of the hair loss, as well as the shedding stage the client is in, helps determine the best method.

“The most important element in selecting your solution is to consider the density of the existing hair,” Casciola says. “If you add too much hair, it can pull, exacerbate shedding and cause discomfort for the client. If you add too little, the hair extension or topper won’t have enough hair to be stable and will slide out.”

Casciola feels passionately that professionals should expand their offerings and skillset with advanced education to never have to turn away a client at a time when they need their stylist the most.

“Hair can be such a confidence booster and, alternatively, quite the opposite—it can be really tough to look in the mirror and not like what you see,” Casciola says. “Hairtalk gives me the solutions and services to positively impact people’s mood, confidence and self-esteem.”

Here, Casciola provides guidance in camouflaging thinning hair and taming post-hair loss regrowth.

When a client is actively shedding, Casciola reaches for temporary extension pieces like...

When a client is actively shedding, Casciola reaches for temporary extension pieces like hairtalk® extensions Hairband, Bang In, or Top of the Head.

Concern: Actively Shedding

When a client is in the active shedding phase, they are often desperate for solutions to restore fullness and conceal thinning, but their hair likely can’t yet withstand added extension weight.

When hair loss is visible and excessive, but hasn’t yet stopped shedding, Casciola reaches for temporary extension pieces like Hairtalk’s Hairband, Bang In, or Top of the Head.

Hairband is a ready-to wear, hookless hair accessory that instantly increases volume and maximizes length. Made from 100% Remy human hair and placed on a hand-sewn weft, the Hairband stretches to fit every head shape and size.

Bang In is a faux 100% Remy human hair clip-in extension piece that minimizes the natural hairline and recessions, and is totally customizable to be blunt, v-shaped, brow skimming, side-swept, feathered or wispy.

Top of the Head is a 100% Remy hair accessory designed with four pressure-sensitive clips that integrates the natural hair. Perfect for filling in thin or fine hair, Top of the Head is lightweight and breathable.

hairtalk hairwear® offers a healthy, semi-permanent hair enhancement solution that allows hair...

hairtalk hairwear® offers a healthy, semi-permanent hair enhancement solution that allows hair to grow while wearing the piece.

Concern: Restoring Fullness During Regrowth Stage

Following excessive hair loss, like post-chemotherapy new growth, hair often initially regrows in a fine, delicate texture.

“Once the hair is strong enough, typically six months into the growth cycle, I like to use a combination of tape-in extensions paired with Hairwear as it covers the most real estate,” Casciola says.

hairtalk hairwear® offers a healthy, semi-permanent hair enhancement solution that allows hair to grow while wearing the piece. This customizable system does not require shaving, and features tape tabs for 3-6 weeks of wear and re-applications that create up to 12 months of total wear.

Hairtalk offers three Hairwear options: Smart Part, Wonderfill and Volumize Her.

Smart Part is 6” x 2.5” and a rectangular shape featuring eight tape tabs that provides moderate coverage and creates volume along the part and top of the head area.

Wonderfill is a 6.25” x 5” horseshoe shape featuring 10 tape tabs that provides the largest overall coverage on the top of the head area.

Volumize Her is a 3” circular shape featuring 6 tape tabs that provides the least amount of coverage, but is designed to fit the curvature of the crown area of the head.

Concern: Camoflauging Zonal Hair Loss

If a client is experiencing hair loss in a centralized area of the head—perhaps from alopecia, the hairpulling disorder Trichotillomania, a mole, trauma or surgery—extensions can be applied surrounding the zonal hair loss to camouflage the problem area.

“Hairtalk’s bonded fusion Keratin extensions help hide hair loss in a totally discreet and comfortable way,” Casciola says. “If the area allows for a weft, that can make a tremendous difference in fullness.”

Keratin Extensions: Matte bonds allow for undetectable strand-by-strand application with up to five months of wear. Featuring Hairtalk’s signature pre-tapered ends, stylists can create seamless results with less time spent blending. This lightweight extension, available in nearly 60 colors, can be safely applied in more fragile and finer hair textures, as well as the hairline and fringe area.

Hand Tied and Machine Weft: A hookless and adhesive-free sew-in that anchors to a foundational beaded row. Hairtalk wefts create seamless length, color and volume in totally customizable densities and in 23 colors.

Concern: Unmanageable Regrowth

Hair loss linked to hormonal imbalances like stress, illness, transitioning and post-partum often results in hair loss centralized around the hairline. As the hair sheds, it’s hyper visible to the client—and as it regrows, it can be difficult to manage.

“I’m seeing a lot of post-COVID hair loss lately and, as the hair begins to grow back in the hair line and at the recessions, it can be a challenge to tame,” Casciola says. “I like to use Hairtalk Tape-In extensions and sandwich it with a clear Single-Sided Tape Tab, instead of another traditional tape-in—it’s the perfect solution for hair that’s more delicate and requires less density.”

Tape-In Extensions: Available in eight band sizes and styles, Hairtalk’s Tape-In extensions feature long-lasting wear, tapered ends for seamless blending and are available in styles designed to simulate hair growing directly from the scalp. Hairtalk’s Tape-In extensions have 6-8 weeks of wear time and can be reapplied up to three additional times for a total of 8-10 months of wear. For finer hair that requires less density, can be used as a single-sided extension with a clear tape tab.

To learn more about Hairtalk and to shop these solutions, create a pro account on hairtalkusa.com.

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