-  Photo: @drizzyxgroomer on Instagram

Photo: @drizzyxgroomer on Instagram

This summer's trends have been giving major nostalgia through all the decades and we've been loving it. Our favorite comeback piece is the modern mullet, and we would love to offer up our expert groomer Jeffrey Brock AKA Drizzy, with styling advice for how you can master the look. 

Here are five tips from Drizzy on how to achieve the modern mullet with STMNT Grooming Goods:

 -  Photo: STMNT

Photo: STMNT

  • The best mullet has lots of texture, so it's important to add a lot of texture when creating the look. I use STMNT's Grooming Spray to add some grittiness to the hair. 
  • Next, I go in with STMNT's Dry Clay to help give it that natural feel. Then, I use a diffuser to help it lightly dry and mess it up a little with my fingers. 
  • Once the hair is dry, I go back in using the STMNT Wax Powder to volumize the hair and help bring out the gritty texture. 
  • Lastly, I add finishing touches with STMNT Hairspray to hold everything together. 

PRO TIP: Mullets look better on second or third-day hair, so you can suggest your client skip the daily hair washing and use a dry shampoo or STMNT's Spray Powder between washes to soak up excess oil. 

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