The Barracuda Comb Clip is made of a corrosion-free, heat-resistant material, with a textured...

The Barracuda Comb Clip is made of a corrosion-free, heat-resistant material, with a textured hinge and comb attached to the arms of the clip that lets stylists achieve the tightest grip possible.

Photo: Amplify the Stylist

Barracuda introduced the Comb Clip, a multi-purpose hair sectioning tool made to increase user control, speed, and efficiency. 


  • Durable: Barracuda Comb Clips are made with long-lasting Carbon material, then covered with a soft touch rubber overlay with a stainless steel torsion spring to complete the corrosion free clip.
  • Versatile: Working on both wet and dry hair, Barracuda Comb Clips are ideal for salon, barber, and cosmetology professionals.
  • Salon Quality: Barracuda Comb Clips are made from professional grade carbon fiber, so they’re durable and built to last.

“During the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, I was climbing the walls. Being stuck inside with nothing to do, I ended up producing a lot of tutorial videos for my YouTube page and Hair Salon Education Facebook group. While working on those, I was constantly reminded of how frustrating it was for my clips not only being too big and bulky, but breaking, corroding, and not having enough tension to hold the hair when I needed it the most.” 

— Rob Burgio, Barracuda Comb Clip inventor, award-winning Goldwell National artist, stylist, and owner of Tesoro Salon

That dissatisfaction with the status quo led Burgio to put his years of practical experience to use and design what he believes to be the perfect precision sectioning tool. Barracuda Comb Clips are heat resistant, non-slip, made with corrosion free carbon, and a high-tension reinforced stainless steel torsion spring for a tight grip. The textured hinge and comb attached to the arms of the clip allow for the comb and clip to work simultaneously. The clip’s curved design allows for a precise cutting line with a soft touch rubber finish.

With demonstration videos on YouTube, Barracuda Comb Clips are targeted for:

  • Woman’s short haircutting, for separating hair in areas by the occipital.
  • Men's grooming, providing clean, sharp lines, and a guide by using the back of the clip.
  • Hair extension installation, by offering tight separation of hair with its comb feature.
  • Balayage application and color blocking, because the comb can tease hair and lay over the comb part of the clip with a secure grip. 

Makeup artists will also find the Barracuda Comb Clip an essential tool, since the clip grooms hair away from the hairline, giving the ideal palate to apply foundational makeup.

Burgio said he’d long had the idea that “there had to be a better way” to section hair with maximum functionality, but between operating the salon and traveling as a Goldwell educator and musician in two touring bands, he never had the time to sketch and design a prototype of what he suspected would solve those issues. “I’m a creative, high-energy person, so not having an outlet during lockdown was driving me crazy,” he said, “but in hindsight, it obviously worked out.”

Burgio said the Barracuda Comb Clip went through “several” versions during the ideation and production stages, but he’s extremely satisfied with how the final version turned out. “Honestly, I’m a second generation stylist in addition to being in the industry for over three decades, and I’ve still never seen anything like the Barracuda Comb Clip,” he added. “It addresses literally every issue I was having. A lot of thought, attention to detail, and real-world applications have gone into the finished product, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with other stylists. I hope they’re as inspired using it as I’ve been.”

The Barracuda Comb Clip comes in a 4-pack and retails for $14.99 on Amazon, eBay, and Amplify the Stylist, Burgio’s website that offers videos and step-by-step tutorials with descriptive PDF head sheets accompany all tutorials, in addition to a professional line of styling tools to compliment the Barracuda Comb Clips:

  • The Barracuda Classic Clip (4-pack for $9.99): No crease design for dry and wet hair.
  • The Precision Cutting Comb ($7.99): Made from the same carbon fiber as the Barracuda Comb Clip and Barracuda Classic Clip, but is lighter and stronger than plastic combs.

Introductory pricing on Amplify the Stylist offers $5 off all three products, and free shipping for purchases over $50. Orders currently ship domestically, with plans for future Canadian expansion, and step by step tutorials and descriptive PDF head sheets accompany all orders.

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