Did you know that Halo Couture Extensions are the fastest, easiest, and lowest-commitment way to add length and volume to your clients’ hair? With a row of beautiful remy human hair on a no-show wire, you can give clients the long, flowing hair of their dreams in an instant. Not to mention, they can easily remove and reinstall their Halo whenever they want at home.

The Halo also makes styling a breeze. Just ask Megan Lorson (@megan.lorson), experienced bridal hair specialist and beauty business coach. Lorson has used Halo Extensions to achieve all sorts of gorgeous styles, whether it’s for the big day or a night out. Check out some of Lorson’s Halo creations below.

Everyday Bohemian

No one will know that you put at least a little bit of effort into this effortless looking style. Lorson uses the classic Halo to add instant length and volume. She then separates out a small section on either side, twisting each once and tying them back for a super simple, carefree look.

Voluminous Pony

For this exquisite night-on-the-town style, Lorson uses the Halo Couture Ponytail piece, which easily wraps around your client’s natural pony for extra volume. Teasing and curling complete this classy look.

Bridal Bun

Bridal is Lorson’s specialty, so she knows the challenges of giving her clients exactly what they want for their wedding day. The Halo makes creating those elegant bridal styles so much easier because it simply gives you more hair to work with, allowing you to achieve just what the client had in mind.

Halos are so easy to use that clients could do it themselves, but they can only purchase them through you. Halo Couture is a salon exclusive brand, allowing you to perfectly match the client’s exact color, style it for them, and bask in the profits.

Learn how to offer Halo Extensions in your salon at halocouture.com.

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