If you’re a hair professional who works on all hair types and textures, you need versatile tools that can do any job you need them to do. Christopher Aaron (@christopheraaronstudio) is one such professional. As a detail-oriented colorist and stylist whose work takes him all over the country and to every corner of the industry, he loves having tools that he can rely on to do the best job, every time.

For Aaron, that magic tool is his Dyson Supersonic Pro. There are so many reasons that he and this high-tech tool are a match made in heaven, so see below to hear his thoughts.

Healthy Hair

Dyson tools work better so that you need less heat to get the job done. And that means a lot less damage to your client’s hair, no matter their texture. Aaron loves the way that the Supersonic allows him to maintain the integrity and shine, even expressing that working with it “has changed the way I do hair.”

Highly Effective

In this post, Aaron showcases how smooth he was able to get his client’s 4c hair with just the Supersonic—no flat iron, and no extreme heat. Because he works on all hair types and travels for different projects, having one tool that can do every job is majorly convenient.

Stellar Attachments

The Dyson Supersonic comes with an array of useful attachments. You’ll get a satisfying click as you switch them out, and you can have confidence in that magnetic grip. Aaron especially adores the wide tooth comb attachment because of how it works beautifully on textured hair to lengthen, detangle, and add shape.

Dyson hairstyling tools are among the absolute best and most research-backed technology in the industry. Achieve your desired result with less heat, less damage, and less time. You and your clients will be happier for it.

Shop the Dyson Supersonic at dyson.com/hair-care/professional.

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