At first glance, the gridiron and a medi-spa treatment room might seem to share little in common. But Britney Johnson, Circadia Skincare “Rookie of the Year,” has a different perspective. As the spouse of Stevie Johnson, a recently retired NFL receiver and co-founder of the Club HBHF (Handle Business Have Fun) life skills camps for aspiring athletes, she sees the clear connection between America’s favorite sport and her thriving career in skincare.

This esthetics MVP recently chatted with MODERN SALON about paying success forward.

Britney Johnson, Esthetics Alum of Bellus Academy

Britney Johnson, Esthetics Alum of Bellus Academy

What common ground do you see between skincare and football?

Johnson: Improving and growing in both aeras requires a playbook that includes perseverance, strategy and dedication. Skincare professionals have a tremendous playbook that includes treatments, modalities, ingredients and products that can support a winning self-care regimen. But there is nothing like continuous learning.

How has coaching played a role in your success?

My first skincare coaches were the team of educators at Bellus Academy. Coaches and mentors have played a big role in supporting her success. I value my mentors and the Bellus Academy educators who poured into me. At some point, they too were rookies, and now they – along with the team at Circadia – are inspiring me to help others.

What led to your being named Circadia Skincare Rookie of the Year?

This experience reminds me that it’s important to move past fear and embrace risk when starting a career. I was encouraged by a Bellus Academy educator to enter the Circadia Rookie of the Year competition. At first, I was hesitant because I’d been off of social media for several years. But submitting an online look was a required part of the competition, so I moved past the fear and put together a “fall beauty” look. Fortunately, the judges – which included social media influencers – liked the look I submitted.

How is your career continuing to evolve?

I was recently selected to join the Circadia “Diversity Committee” and join its prestigious ambassador program. This is a huge accomplishment for me, as it will align me to elevate my knowledge as an educator and mentor to help others in the industry.

Johnson continues to learn new esthetic techniques and teach others what she has mastered.

Johnson continues to learn new esthetic techniques and teach others what she has mastered.

How is “paying success forward” part of your approach to work and life?

We’re all in this together, right? Paying it forward to help others and create a feeling of inclusivity has always been important to me. During the pandemic, I created a practice room in my home where other estheticians could practice their craft in a safe, socially distanced space. Working with my husband, we developed Club HBHF – Handle Business Have Fun - to teach next gen athletes life skills that will help them in ways that go beyond athletics. For example, Club HBHF helps participants cultivate skills in financial literacy and mental health. And getting back to my career, I love showing athletes how to devise a simple skincare regimen to care for their skin.

What goals have you set for the future?

It’s been a year-and-a-half since I completed my esthetics program, but learning never stops and I want to share what I learn with others. I want to serve as an educator and an influencer to the next generation of estheticians with a special focus on multicultural skincare. Before I went to beauty school, I would search YouTube DIY tutorials and consume all of the skincare content I could find. Too often, I found few videos or resources focused on multicultural skin. Looking toward the future, ultimately, I expect to open my own medi-spa.

Britney’s success is rooted in education and her learning strategy includes attending tradeshows, webinars and networking. This skincare rookie is on a fast track to achieving MVP status in the skincare sector.

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