It’s clear as day: clients are getting curious about what goes into their hair products. You’ve probably been behind the chair fielding questions like “Is this treatment safe for my scalp?” and “Is this color process okay for sensitive skin?”

Maybe your clients even have ingredient-specific concerns—they’ve definitely heard a lot about formaldehyde lately in the news and online.

More and more, clients want reassurance that their hair products are safe in addition to being effective: and your clients trust you to guide them.

Reimagining Keratin Treatments

The Clear Solution at a Glance
The CLEAR Solution system by Pure Brazilian locks a layer of keratin and proteins onto the cuticle for an average of four months of smooth, healthy hair … WITHOUT using formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals
  • CLEAR uses plant-derived ingredients
  • Formulated for all hair types
  • Maintains volume
  • Cuts blow dry and styling time by 60%
  • Locks in essential moisture
  • Blocks 90% of frizz
  • 0% formaldehyde released before, during or after treatment
  • Same day wash capabilities

It’s simply good business to get savvy about products that deliver the results your clients expect without the harsh chemicals that are raising eyebrows (and making headlines).

Keratin treatments have a reputation both in- and out of the salon as being high-chemical and high-damage with superficial results. Pros like you are demanding safer, cleaner keratin systems which they can feel good about offering their clients.

Pure Brazilian is addressing this need with CLEAR Solution, an all-new customized hair management system which delivers the classic smoothing blowout treatment, and is your go-to for maintaining curls, taming frizz, and reducing styling time for an average of four months depending on home maintenance—using zero harsh chemicals. Don’t have curly hair? The Clear Solution leaves hair sleek, healthy, smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. 

Beauty in Action

CLEAR Solution is a customized hair management system that delivers shine, softness and health without sacrificing volume—and without using any harsh chemicals. Processing time averages 90 minutes depending on the length of hair, heat, hair texture, and porosity. The process looks a lot like the keratin treatments you’re used to: the big difference is that CLEAR is formaldehyde-free.

Check out this video to see a Pure Brazilian team member taking you step-by-step through a CLEAR Solution smoothing blowout.

Pure and Simple

So how does the CLEAR Solution system achieve lasting results without the kind of chemicals that give clients pause?

The answer is simple: with a salon-proven blend of vital hair nutrients (including proteins and vegetable extracts), fortifying amino acids and Brazilian keratin.

That means CLEAR is plant-based and totally free from harmful chemicals.

Stylist Zay (@zehairstyles) takes to social to show off the high-shine results she gets from the CLEAR Solution system. “My best advice to any stylist interested in this treatment is: DO IT!” she raves. “I use the CLEAR system five to ten times a week, and I only work four days a week. You will love it. Clients can’t believe their eyes! It’s the fastest of the many treatments I’ve used and the results are amazing.”

A Clear Vision

The team at Pure Brazilian knew what they were doing with this one. Brand Educator Heather Jones is definitely on board: “Pure Brazilian CLEAR formula is the perfect solution to make any curl pattern more manageable and reduce the frizz!” she says. “Our CLEAR formula is a plant-derived, all-natural solution gently processed for an average of 90 minutes depending on the length of hair. Pure Brazilian CLEAR solution gives the stylist the flexibility to create customized curls for the client to reach their hair management goals.” 

About Pure Brazilian

New York-based brand Pure Brazilian is already a favorite with in-the-know pros.

The go-to brand for stylists who want high-performance Brazilian keratin products that boast safe application and clean ingredients, Pure Brazilian creations are easy-to-use and fit seamlessly into your salon’s routines.

Pure Brazilian believes you shouldn’t have to compromise your standards for healthy products: Pure Brazilian systems deliver health-minded formulas that achieve the gorgeous results you (and your clients) expect.

“I have never had a client disappointed with this system,” reports stylist Zay El-Barakat. “Need a healthy hair treatment? Need hair growth? I love that I can make a promise to my clients that this system will really change their day-to-day lives: from a hair health point of view, I love that they can reduce the amount of heat they use in their ordinary styling. And I love when clients text a few days after their appointments—they’re always amazed at their results.”

Trust Matters

Salon pros know how powerful credentials are. Every day your clients put their trust in your hands—so you’re always looking for ways to affirm that they’ve made the right choice.

Pure Brazilian offers a special online platform where pros can become certified Pure Brazilian stylists. With a comprehensive FAQ, an instructional video series which will take you through a virtual hands-on Pure Brazilian demo, a step-by-step reference guide and an online certification quiz, licensed stylists can learn important Pure Brazilian techniques and receive a certification diploma.

This process will qualify you to use Pure Brazilian products, and most importantly, a Pure Brazilian certification will give your clients confidence. It’s one of the many ways you say, “I know what I’m doing.”

The Way Is Clear

Clients want to feel good about the stuff that goes on their hair, and you want to feel good about the products you recommend. Pure Brazilian’s all-new 100% formaldehyde-free CLEAR Solution system is a breakthrough in the right direction.

Learn more about the CLEAR Solution system and discover the exclusive Pure Brazilian certification platform here.


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