Kat Chase (@kat_chase_) for color and Phillip Rosado for haircut and style (and owner of Educe Salon in Orlando, Florida), joined forces to transform their client from a long, dated look to an exciting and dimensional blue/green LOB. Here they share the HOW TO:


Disconnected LOB:
Step 1: Horseshoe section; resession to recession.
Step 2: Center Profile section through nape.
Step 3: Diagonal forward sections - aoprox 2 inch from horseshoe.
Step 4: Block graduation @ 90 degrees from part. Cut square to part.
Step 5: Visually cut perimeter to LOB desired Length.
Step 6: Bring down the sides -cut to match length.
Step 7: Take center profile section; cut 90 degrees creating a visual guide to match perimeter length, leaving a disconnection from the block graduation.
Step 8: Diagonal forward sections through the sides, over directing back to maintain length.
Step 9: Repeat on other side
Step 10: Drop horseshoe section; off natural part. Create guide from crown, cutting short to long towards the front.
Step 11: Horizontal sections over directed back to the crown to maintain length in front.
Step 12: Personalize by texturizing to desired look with slicing and deep point cutting to remove unwanted weight through perimeter.


Formula A: Joico Vero K-pak  color intensity cobalt blue
Formula B : Joico Vero K-pak  color intensity sapphire blue mixed with small amount Kenra Color Creatives Teal
Formula C: Kenra Color Creatives teal mixed with Pravana Vivids neon blue
Formula D: Pravana Vivids neon blue

Step 1: Prelighten the hair using Schwarzkopf Professional Premium Lift 30 volume using a balayage/ombré technique .  "In this case I pre-lightened twice to get blonde enough."

Step 2: Using Joico Vero K-pak Color Intensity cobalt blue, apply as a root color to the first two inches all around the head.

Step 3: Taking one inch sections, alternate saturating in formulas B, C , and D, making sure to blend into the base color and fully connect the colors. Bricklayer each section of hair to prevent bleeding.

Step 4: Process for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water , light shampoo , and condition with color preserving conditioner .


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