NovaLash's Platinum Bonde Adhesive and the Aura
NovaLash's Platinum Bonde Adhesive and the Aura

Did you know the humidity and moisture levels in your salon (or outside!) can affect the setting and drying times of your NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesives? That's because they are moisture reactive, so the level of moisture in the room affects the speed at which the adhesive dries. See below for more information on the topic. 

If your room is at...

With help from the Aura, NovaLash’s temperature and humidity indicator, if the room is around 50% humidity, you will notice the Platinum Bond is drying at normal speed. You should have around 10 – 15 seconds to isolate a natural lash and paint adhesive on the natural lash from root to tip.

When the humidity level is around 20% - 40% all the Platinum Bond series of adhesives will dry at a slower speed, too slow for an experienced stylist. Even for a new lash artist, this level of humidity might cause extensions and natural lashes to stick together more as the adhesive is drying so slowly.

When the humidity is between 50% - 80% the setting time will be faster. When using Fume Free Sensitive Eyes adhesive from NovaLash which is great for sensitive, allergy–prone eyes, this is the ideal level of humidity for the adhesive to set quicker.

 “I isolate quickly so I want my adhesive to dry at a faster speed – I prefer my room around 50% - 70% humidity, even when using Platinum Bond High Speed," says Zachary Falb, NovaLash Global Master Trainer. 

"It is important to experiment working in different levels of humidity to understand the different properties of the adhesive. Remember, if the adhesive is drying too slowly, seems a little watery, dries too fast or looks a bit thick – there is absolutely nothing wrong with the adhesive! You are just experiencing higher than normal or lower than normal humidity levels but the adhesive is usable in all conditions.

If your humidity is too low, use the miniMr. or the airNova with water tank. Mist the area you are working in and even around and above the client’s face.  Be mindful not to drench but mist your client’s lashes. If the humidity level is too high and the adhesive is drying too fast for you, turn on the heating, air-conditioning, or use a dehumidifier. Always use the Aura temperature and humidity indicator by NovaLash to monitor and track your working conditions – it takes the guesswork out of all of this.”

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