Stacia Kelley @scissor_ensemble
Stacia Kelley @scissor_ensembleBethany Candelaria

The Sport Clips Artistic Team members are a diverse group of women stylists who specialize in men’s grooming and who share their passion for the craft as Area Coaches, visiting locations around the country, to pass on their knowledge and their enthusiasm for the Sport Clips organization and what it has done to give them a life and career they love. They are on-set at photo shoots, traveling to industry events to represent, and building their skills—haircutting, styling, business, presentation, and even social media—because they have become stars on the Sport Clips team of stylists. 

Here we profile Stacia Kelley @scissor_ensemble, an Area Coach in the Kansas City area. 

Tell us something about yourself and why working at Sport Clips is a win for you: I am an extremely passionate person. Everything I set my mind to I accomplish, even if I fail several times first. When I found Sport Clips I knew it was a company with integrity and that it would develop me to my heart’s desire. And let’s just say we are still together, creating magic!

Why did you decide to focus on men’s hair? I fell in love with doing men’s hair in hair school. The clients were great, it was a quick service, and it challenged me technically.

What is special about a male client? Most don’t expect to look like a model from a photo. They have confidence in your skill, they listen to your advice, and they are relaxed during the service.

What styles are big in your area? Shorter beards are in style now. Also, hair styles that tend to have a little more time to put together, styling-wise.

Shout-out to any early or current mentors in the industry: Julie Vargas, Julian Perlingero, and Megan Porter aka @Megthebarber.

What would you say to a cosmetologist who wants to improve their guy-cutting skills? Lots of training and practice. Also, being transparent to the clients they work on.

All-time favorite professional products and tools: Style Sexy products and my Andis T liners

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