Andrea Bucci is a NovaLash Brand Ambassador and owner of The Art of Lash and Brow in Monrovia, CA.


Andrea Bucci is a NovaLash Brand Ambassador and owner of The Art of Lash and Brow in Monrovia, CA.


Most artists want to sign their work but if a client comes with half a head of hair extensions or one hand of nail enhancements, most esthetic artists wouldn’t want to finish the job and call it their own. NovaLash Brand Ambassador, Andrea Bucci of Monrovia, CA, is the owner of The Art of Lash and Brow, an intimate beauty studio where she sees her eyelash extension clientele and conducts training for the brand, and she says that if a client comes to her with another brand of extensions, she explains that they need to start fresh. Here’s why.

 “You want your client to have the best result possible so I always advise them to have their lashes removed, preferably by their previous extensionist, but I can also remove and start them on new, clean lashes,” Bucci says. “Most people who come into my door with a different brand of lashes are coming because they’re not happy with the end result or they have lost a lot of their own lashes. When I tell them we need to start fresh, they could think I’m just trying to charge them but we’ve been taught how to educate the client on why we’re doing what we’re doing.  If we don’t start fresh, they might think they are losing lashes from my application so you could potentially lose a new client.”

Bucci says, too, that different adhesives may have a chemical reaction and that with NovaLash Platinum Bond Adhesive, clients leave with instantly waterproof and oil proof lashes but another brand of adhesive may be compromised by oil and water and extensions would fall out. Clients can—and are encouraged to—clean their lashes with NovaLash cleanLash Pads which are saturated with Pomegranate Oil, and to wash their face. 

“With my application, they can start living their life. With other brands of adhesive, you can’t wet your eyes but why would you think it’s ok to not wash your eyes?  It’s a hygiene issue, really. Our eye lashes are meant to protect us from dirt and debris so it’s important to clean them.”

Bucci says education is key to transitioning a client to a different brand. “When I teach new extensionists, I talk about all the different reactions that can come from improper application or poor adhesive—dry eyes, corneal abrasions, even traction alopecia. If you tell your client, ‘I’m more expensive because I’m going to give you the best results and protect your lashes’ they will know you want the best for them and their eyes.”


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