Beard Care: How-To Achieve Well-Groomed Gruff

by Anne Moratto | March 27, 2019
 Johnny B
Johnny B

Sometimes, beards don't get the same love as hair on the head but some barbering-musts from Johnny B. Hair Care will groom that chin for the win.

"First step for beard maintenance is cleaning!" says Alex Rivera, Johnny B educator and barber. "There is a myth that men shouldn’t wash their beards because they lose their oils and beards look dry. Johnny B Shampoo Paste is a must for beards, is gentle on the face and adds three essential oils ( peppermint, cinnamon and Menthol) plus Zinc!

"Second step is conditioning the beard. Johnny B Conditional is excellent for a deep conditioning of the beard with ingredients such as amino acids for shine and hops for thicker-looking beards."

And suppose your client likes to pick up a blow dryer to speed up their morning routine?

"Adding a blow dry agent to the beard before a blow dry helps create smoothness, strengthen and detangle your beard while giving an overall clean look," explains Alan Bailey, Johnny B educator and barber

"You can blowout the beard using the Johnny B barber brush, and set it with the Vent Brush. Both are ideal for any beard length," adds Rivera.

For a final shining finish, Johnny B Beard Oil helps moisturize facial hair and nourish the skin beneath. The  quality blend of natural ingredients conditions, hydrates, and shapes the beard while promoting growth and softness. 

If straight-up oil is too, well, oily, Rivera recommends the Johnny B Beard Balm. "It contains Shea butter and Beeswax which helps control any unruly hair. In addition, Johnny B beard balm contains Jojoba Oil to promote hair growth and not to mention it smells like citrus."  


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