Grab your Texture AIIR, clear elastics and bobby pins, and read on to learn how to style a messy...

Grab your Texture AIIR, clear elastics and bobby pins, and read on to learn how to style a messy low chignon from Jenny Strebe.

Jenny Strebe is undoubtedly the queen of many things--updos, social media, education--and has added a new line to her resume: founder of a beauty brand.

AIIR is dedicated to innovation, integrity and long-term sustainability, and is cultivating a community with the same mantras. AIIR offers an innovative line of styling products infused with precious gemstones and natural botanicals. All AIIR products are vegan, responsibly sourced, and free of parabens, sulfates and gluten.

"Two years ago I started a mission: to create a line of hair products that incorporates first class performance with holistic and good-for-you elements that have been proven over time," Strebe writes on AIIR's website. "My second goal was to develop a line with the support of fellow women in the industry to grow this brand with strong female leaders and the partnerships of those we serve: hairstylists, salon owners and consumers.

"The product innovation is truly trailblazing for our community: It reflects a balanced life and achieves superior results. I wanted to create a line that offers more than just great hair. These products are the efforts of being mindful to the world we live in and empower people to take advantage of holistic ingredients that have been around for centuries, but are new to hairstyling."

To show the line's hero product, Texture AIIR, in action, Strebe demos how to create a casual-cool lose chignon. Watch the video and see all of the steps below.


Step One: Start with dry hair. Unwashed hair will hold this style better, but don’t stress if your hair is clean! We’ve got you covered in Step Two.

Step Two: Finger-comb your hair straight back from your forehead. Lift small sections of hair and spray Texture AIIR underneath. This is essential for building moldable texture and adding grit to the hair for better hold. As you spray, you’ll see your hair’s volume and texture change instantly. Once you’ve texturized both sides and the crown of your head, give your hair a quick all-over blast of Texture AIIR.

Step Three: Separate a small section of hair right above the center of your forehead. Twist it up and clip it out of the way. 

Step Four: Pull the rest of your hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, and secure with a clear elastic.

Step Five: Divide your ponytail into two even sections. Gently twist each section and wrap the sections around each other, pausing to re-twist as you go. When you reach the ends, secure your twisted pony with another clear elastic. Spray the ponytail all over with Texture AIIR.

Step Six: Hold the ends in one hand and use the other hand to pull out your twisted ponytail, working towards the nape of your neck. This will give your finished chignon extra volume.

Step Seven: Wrap the ponytail around the elastic to form a low bun. Bobby pin the hair into place. Gently tease out pieces of your chignon until you’re satisfied with the final look.

Step Eight: Now it’s time to unclip the section of hair above your forehead. Lift the hair straight up and spray heavily with Texture AIIR. If desired, use a flat iron to curl this section back away from your face. Finger-comb it out and let it rest softly over the crown of your head. (If your hair is fine, the dry texture spray will add some weight to help it stay in place.)

Step Nine: Finish by spraying your low chignon with Texture AIIR for an updo that looks perfectly unstyled all day long. For even more hold, follow up with Flexible Hold AIIR Spray

Step Ten: Place your palms next to your ears and move them up and down against your cheeks. This mini massage will tease out small sections of hair for a more relaxed, undone look. Use your fingers to pull pieces out of your chignon and create the perfect carefree finish.



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