Experience the Evolution: ECRU New York 2020
Experience the Evolution: ECRU New York 2020

Back when hairstyles basically consisted of lacquer and bobby pins, a hairdresser in New Jersey decided it was time for a change. Carmen DePasquale and his team at DePasquale Companies began a search for products that pampered the hair rather than abusing it, yet still gave hairdressers the performance they needed. The search yielded absolutely nothing that met their criteria, so they created their own collection and called it ECRU New York.

“We sourced skin care-grade ingredients to accomplish our mission of products that would treat and perform,” DePasquale says. “We were also adamant that less is more, so every product created had to offer two, three or more benefits, eliminating the need for dozens of unnecessary products. Fewer products meant less inventory in the salon, less clutter on the shelf, less confusion to the user and an overall better experience for everyone involved.”

Over the years, ECRU New York has become the standard of thoughtfully formulated, high performing, high fashion hair care and styling. It’s a fixture at Fashion Week worldwide. It’s synonymous with quality—from the products to the packaging to the education offered at the ECRU New York Academy. But as anyone in the business of beauty knows, you must constantly evolve to thrive. This year ECRU New York is doing just that.

Starting on the outside—gorgeous, clean, elegant new packaging. The design purposely keeps the top half of each bottle clean—pure white without any copy, so the products are like rays of light on the shelf. “For us, image is everything,” DePasquale explains. “A product has to be appealing for anyone to want to pick it up. Our new collection looks like fine skin care—sleek, modern, fresh and luxurious to the touch. Fitting perfectly in any hand, every product is easy to dispense.”

The evolution continues inside the bottles with the launch of three new products. Harnessing the power of Resurrection Sap and plant stem cells, the Rejuvenating Shampoo and Restorative Conditioner revolutionize the way damaged, lifeless hair is restored. DePasquale predicts the new Smoothing Blow-Dry Spray will become a cult favorite. The weightless mist polishes and smooths the most defiant hair.

Transformation is important, but so is honoring the DNA a respected brand was built on. If you’re an ECRU devotee, have no fear, the company will continue its commitment to creating effective products for all hair types, providing world-class education, maintaining the integrity of hair, curating formulas to prevent inventory overload for salons of all sizes and offering solutions for hairstylists who are serious about treatment and performance. “We will never leave behind the philosophies that have served us and our customers so well for so long,” DePasquale says. “We’re simply increasing the value of everything we provide.”

The new ECRU New York packaging keeps the top half of each bottle pure white, so the products...

The new ECRU New York packaging keeps the top half of each bottle pure white, so the products are like rays of light on the shelf.

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