4 Foundation Techniques to Anchor an Upstyle
4 Foundation Techniques to Anchor an Upstyle

*Editor's Note: This was originally published in February 2020 but good style tips are always relevant. Enjoy!

It can be challenging to get an updo to match their inspiration picture, or for it to last all day without falling. Knowing the proper foundation to use for the updo is key! What good is a beautiful upstyle if it doesn’t have staying power?  Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam Member, shares 4 key foundation techniques that provide solid anchor for most upstyles.  And with prom and wedding seasons just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to check them out.

“As professionals, it’s our duty to build beautiful upstyles that stand up to that first dance, walk down the aisle or photo shoot!” says Peters.

These 4 techniques act as a blueprint for the style, as well as provide a solid base to pin hair into that creates solid staying power.

Upstyle Foundations (in order of strength)

  1. Braid – The strongest of the foundations, it can be designed at any angle and provide a traveling anchor to pin hair into to create a soft look with a lot of strength.  The braid can be totally hidden under the top layer of hair, or not.
  1. Ponytail – Also a very secure base with a centralized focus on the look, ponytails are placed in strategic spots to create the silhouette.  This is a great technique for those with very heavy hair.
  1. Bun – Similar to the ponytail technique, but a bun creates a fuller natural form to build upon.  Texture crafted on other parts of the hair can be floated over the fullness of the bun to add volume and strength at the same time.
  1. Twist - The softest of all the foundations, a twist can travel across the head and other hair can be pinned to it to build texture and volume.  It’s ideal for building strength and volume in half up/half down looks.

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