Working ON My Business When I Can't Work IN It

COVID-19 might have my doors closed for business but I am still working ON my business.  Trying to make the most of this closure is my motto and working on my business is making me feel somewhat productive and accomplished during this time. 

 Six months ago, I moved from a Sola salon suite into my own salon suite.  Prior to moving into my new space, it was a three-room office space for an insurance company but it had everything I needed to convert into a salon—waiting room, break room, shampoo room and two rooms for independent salon studios (one for myself and one for my sub-leaser). 

Taking clients at Sola, while converting my space, made for a few loose ends organization-wise, so I am taking this downtime to fine tune and organize my business. 


 I started with the in-salon organizational areas first—tools, products inventory, etc.  Other areas of organization that needed fine tuning were areas dealing with the structure of my business. 

When moving into my new space I hired an assistant to help with the demand of new clients so that double booking could become part of my daily grind.  Working with an assistant has been awesome but there is also a learning curve with everything new.  Having this down time, being able to really step back from working in my business and dedicating the time to work on my business, has been very effective. 

 I’ve come up with a new ‘service time’ model that I feel will work much better for myself, my assistant and my clientele.  With double booking, I still want to make sure my clients feel valued and special so I have extended service timing for each client to ensure adequate time for add-ons (conditioning treatments, toning, facial waxing services, etc).


While this model will work great with a normal workday, pre COVID-19,  I also needed to come up with an organized plan for the demand of clients once stylists are able to work with clients, again: 

  • For haircuts, I am asking clients to schedule for a dry cut and style (no shampooing).
  • For balayage clients, I am asking clients to schedule for a partial balayage, focusing more on the hairline/partline.
  • For grey coverage clients, I will keep the same service time with the exception of root touch ups with highlights;  then I will focus on the hairline and part-line when highlighting to hold them over till their next appointment. 

Coming up with this plan has helped me to relieve anxiety and it helps to know that my clients and I will be on the same page prior to their appointment.    


Another area of my business that I’ve been wanting to expand on are hand tied extensions, but with moving into my new space and taking on more balayage clients, I haven’t had the time to dial-in my hand tied extension clientele and services.  So I bought a new kit to hold all my tools, beads, and thread, and I am feeling the motivation by being organized! 

 Downtime might not be the most ideal time but I encourage you to try and make the best of it!  Look from the perspective of working ON your business opposed to IN your business and I bet you’ll find something you’ve been wanting to improve on! 

We are all in this together, let's try to make the most of it!              

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