Do you recall when you became a salon professional? That moment you realized you would forever be learning ways to reinvent others? And you would need to search and find that spark that makes someone look and feel like a winner? You learned to pull from deep inside you words, skills and the poise to make others believe in their very own magic. This, my friends, is a life skill to use right now on yourself as you return to the salon.

Imagine yourself moving to an exciting, new city. How would you want to show up? The same as always? What would you pack in your suitcase? You only wear a few items from your closet, anyway. Isn’t it time to choose only that which wears well and looks really good on you?

Covid-19 made whatever was neglected in your life manifest like a squeaky wheel, didn’t it?  Neglected items like money management, self-care, friendships, family time? Listen to the squeaky wheel and pack only items that bring you joy and support your career with satisfaction and success. Make your needs a priority, you can no longer pour from an empty cup.

A few readers shared new perspectives on their life going forward (thank you). Are any these true for you?

  1. You don’t need too much to be happy.
  2. The lockdown allowed me to get in touch with what important for me.
  3. You don’t need thirty-one flavors. It turns out vanilla is pretty good
  4. Your true tribe stayed with you. Those who really support your dreams never failed.
  5. Your clients no longer run your life. You may have even fired a few clients.
  6. You discovered the magic of baking cookies with your kids.
  7. You will work less hours, have a little less, but it’s ok. You did it and nothing happened.  
  8. Your needs will be number one. You can’t share from an empty glass any longer
  9. You discovered your authentic way. You don’t need shiny objects to feel you belong
  10. You will begin creating an emergency fund from day one.

If you started started out with a big suitcase, I bet it’s much smaller now. Everything in it will look really good on you, it’s a lot lighter to carry and much easier to maintain.


     Carlos Valenzuela is a hairdresser, trainer, ex-salon & school owner. His focus is guiding salon professionals to a more fulfilling career & lifestyle. @carvale19

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See more blogs from Carlos Valenzuela on

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