How to Create a Chinese Ladder Braid
How to Create a Chinese Ladder Braid

Saretta Bowerman is a stylist and salon owner based in Naples, Florida. She is multi-talented, specializing in blonding, extensions and creative styling. That's why the MODERN SALON Artist Connective member is a perfect candidate to try out SexyHair's new line, artistrypro. 

The SexyHair Visionary Team, an elite squad of stylists, collaborated to develop the new streamlined collection. This seven-product lineup is all they say you need to fill a stylist’s kit or shelves. As an added bonus, the products in artistrypro are infused with amino acids that penetrate the cortex to strengthen and condition from the inside out. These naturally occurring protein building blocks become compromised after chemical services and through the aging process.  

Bowerman used two of the line's products to create a seamless Chinese ladder braided ponytail:

  • Tactile Dry Texture Spray: Provides added texture for up to 24 hours and buildable volume.
  • Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray: Offers four things in one—thermal and heat protection, hold, and finishing shine. 

Check out to full how-to demo, and follow Bowerman's step-by-step instructions to try out the style yourself!


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STEP 1: Prep hair with artistrypro Tactile Dry Texture Spray for grip. 
STEP 2: Smooth hair into a low pony with artistrypro Avante Heat Protection & Finishing Spray and secure with hair bungee.
STEP 3: Take a small piece of hair from the back of the pony and wrap it around the bungee, smoothing with the finishing spray. 
STEP 4: Start the braid with a small piece of hair from the side of the ponytail. Create a small opening on the side of the pony with that piece of hair, while wrapping the end of it underneath and through the opening. Pull tight to start the ladder braid. 
STEP 5: Take that section of hair you pulled tight and add another small section of hair from the side of the pony and repeat step 4. 
STEP 6: Repeat step 5 until you are satisfied with the length of the braid. 
STEP 7: Finish the braid by wrapping the last section around the whole pony a few times and secure with bobby pin. 
STEP 8: Finish with more texture spray for a fluffy pony! 

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