The “S” Wave: Steps to This Face-Framing Look
The “S” Wave: Steps to This Face-Framing Look

Richard Mannah is the Global Artistic Director for Joico and he demos a cool curl technique with a unique “S” shape.   Working with a flat iron, he molds and shapes the hair to frame the face and favorite facial features.


Check out this wave technique I did using @joico K-Pak Glossing Oil Body Shake Humidity Blocker @ghd_northamerica

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Breaking down the “S” Wave:

  • Picture yourself holding a section of hair.
  • Now, slowly lift that section up and watch the snake-like bend that’s created. Stop there.
  • Holding hair in that position, begin tapping the flat iron onto the shape to lock it in.
  • Next, direct that same section sideways to form another bend (picture a snake, if you need a guide).
  • Again, tap this bend with the heat of the flat iron – locking it in.
  • And so it goes…all the way down, until you have a series of one-dimensional waves from top to bottom.

Note: Richard pivots to a more traditional curling iron for back sections; watch the video for specifics.

Other tips: 

SECTIONING: Always separate the front sections from the back; and begin in the front. Take 1.5-inch horizontal sections and work the wave away from the cheekbone to frame the face. Feed the hair into the iron and keep tapping to create this “S” shape. It’s a great wave for minimal volume around the sides.

MAINTAINING CURL: Don’t touch the hair while it’s cooling down. This will set the wave and give you more holding power.

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Check out this edited ‘step by step’ version haircut on @genesissvalle using @joico #TexturedHair #Joico #KPak

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