Are You Doing These 3 Crucial Color Consultation Steps?

Lauren Salapatek | February 8, 2018 | 12:19 PM
Base Formula: On the base apply 6.22 with Violet Mixtone and 20 Volume Developer. Take Panels of Mid-Lengths with alternating formulas: Yellow Mixtone + 10 Vol,Blue Mixtone + CLEAR + 10 Vol.ENDS formula: 9.21 +Violet Mixtone + Drop of Red Mixtone + 10 VolColor Melt by blending section
Photo By @mariathehairpainter Photo 1 of 6
Dusty pink: 10.11 + 9.12 + Violet Mixtone (8 Vol)
Photo By @gkhair_vladikavkaz Photo 2 of 6
Formula 1: 7.0 + 6.11 + Violet Mixtone + Blue Mixtone (10 Vol). Formula 2: 10.12 + 10.11 + 10 + 12 + Red Mixtone + Ash Mixtone + Copper Mixtone + Violet Mixtone
Photo By @zhyla_hair Photo 3 of 6
Copper Red Fusion: 3.6 + 4.2 (10 Vol), 7.26 + Red Mixtone (10 Vol), 8.43 + Copper Mixtone (10 Vol)
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Base 7.0+Shield Additive + Highlight Juvexin Lightening Powder With Shield Additive
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10.12 + 7.44 + 7.26/10 Vol + Shield Additive
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GKhair Professional wants you to conduct successful color consultations every time! Here are some things you should be thinking and doing once a client sits in your chair. 

#1: Manage Expectations. 

If you asked a room of people to show you the color "red", they will all show you a different color of red. The same thing can happen in a consultation. You'll want to quickly give your clients answers, but you must listen to what they are asking for. 

It's also important to ask questions to obtain the information needed to achieve the final result. here are some examples:

  1. What experiences have you had with hair color?
  2. Has the hair been chemically treated with a perm, relaxer or taming?
  3. What results would you like to see this new color do for you?
  4. Are there any shades you would like to avoid?
  5. What type of job do you hold?
  6. What is your lifestyle? Personality?
  7. What are your home maintenance and styling needs?

#2. Confirm. 

Take the time and confirm the desired results. Remember your basic points! Examples: Complimentary colors highlight the positive and compensates the negative. 

#3. Review

  1. The service and in-salon treatments. What's it going to cost and how much time is involved.
  2. In-salon maintenance. How long they need to visit the salon in order to maintain their new look and color.
  3. Home maintenance. Recommend the necessary GKhair products to use on a daily basis for optimal results and longevity. 

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