Beard Tips from Danny Amorim and Mike Sharrpp

Elizabeth Yong Colabello | March 12, 2018 | 10:32 AM
Beard experts Danny Amorim and Mike Sharrpp for Gibs Grooming.
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Gibs Director of Education Danny Amorim
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Pogonophiles rejoice, today’s full beard is carved, curated and groomed without a split end in sight. MODERN spoke to Danny Amorim @successaddict, director of education for Gibs Grooming and CEO of three Klippers Barbershops in New Jersey and Mike Sharrpp @mikesharrpp Artistic Director for Gibs Grooming who tends his trade at Mane Attraction Unisex Salon in Philadelphia, for their tips for salon pros looking to service beards.

Educate Your Clients
MS: A lot of guys are under the misconception that leaving the beard alone is the way to make it grow. That’s not true. The first thing they have to do is make sure what’s underneath the beard is healthy. Multi-purpose beard and skin oils ensure the skin is as healthy as possible.

DA: Most important is the proper consultation. Bearded men never want to hear the word ‘trim.’ As a beard wearer, I prefer to hear ‘sculpt.’ It’s much more intriguing and less scary for the client. Also, everyone's definition of ‘full beard’ is different. Big, full beards come from depth, not length, which is a common misconception."

The Sculpt
DA: For a fuller look, create the line of demarcation lower on the neckline and keep the top line as high and natural as possible. It is also less maintenance for the wearer.

MS: It’s ok to share to Instagram, just ask for the client’s permission. Beard posts reassure potential clients that they’re in the right place. Plus, if the barber or stylist happens to have a healthy, maintained beard, he’ll have no problem getting clients in the chair.

Watch Mike Sharrpp’s freehand beard shaping technique

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