Why Focusing on Men's Grooming Was the Right Choice for This Stylist

Anne Moratto | June 13, 2018 | 8:03 AM
Erin Smith, on set.
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Erin Smith, on set.
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Sport Clips Artistic Team members include a diverse group of women stylists who specialize in men’s grooming.

They all share a passion for the craft as Area Coaches, visiting locations around the country, passing on their knowledge and their enthusiasm for the Sport Clips organization.

You can find them on-set at photo shoots, representing the brand at industry events, and building their skills—haircutting, styling, business, presentation, and even social media.

Here we profile Erin Smith (@Closecutter) of Rochester, NY, who is the Northeast Regional Coach. 

Tell us something about yourself and why working at Sport Clips is a win for you: I am a mother of a 15 month old little girl. When I first began working as a Coach for Sport Clips I was not married and did not have any children. I traveled all over the Northeast every week and absolutely loved it. As my life changed, Sport Clips grew with me, making it possible to spend time with my growing family.

Why did you decide to focus on men’s hair? I began my career in a full service salon. It didn’t take long to realize that I wanted a faster paced environment with loyal weekly or biweekly visits that a male clientele provided.

What is special about a male client? Male clients trust in your professional opinion. For the most part, they will cut and style their hair whichever way you tell them is best. They don’t typically bring in a picture of a model and expect to look exactly like the picture when they leave.

What styles are big in your area? I’m seeing styles that are more versatile. These are styles that your client can wear in a professional setting during the day, then simply run his fingers through it to create a happy hour or golf league look.

Shout-out to any early or current mentors in the industry: Julie Vargas and Diana Schmidtke

What would you say to a cosmetologist who wants to improve their guy-cutting skills? Just keep cutting! Although it is nerve wracking in the beginning, the more you do it the more comfortable you become. You will make mistakes, but the good news is that a man’s hair will grow back quickly.

All-time favorite professional products and tools: I’m a big fan of the Mitch line by Paul Mitchell and Wahl’s 5-star cordless clippers


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