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2018 MODERN SALON 100: Renee Marie Plante @Styles_by_Reneemarie

August 2, 2018 | 10:00 AM
Renee Marie Plante, @Styles_by_Reneemarie
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Renee Marie Plante, @Styles_by_Reneemarie
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When searching for bridal or formal style inspiration, Renee Marie Plante's page is the place to go. Plante has shown she can master these special occasion styles for both long, down styles and pretty, intricate updos on a variety of colors. Her designs are often accompanied by beautiful hair pieces and jewels, and from time to time her followers are even treated to guided tutorials. 

Renee Marie Plante


Styles by Renee Marie, Raleigh, North Carolina

Specialty: bridal updos

Followers: 17.5k

Most viral post: It was a “Braided Corset into a Bow-Bun.” Ironically, not a bridal updo! I had dyed my models hair hot pink and purple, then did 2 upside-down dutch braids into a bun, that I made into a bow. Then I used ribbon to weave a corset through the braids, and accented with gold bobby pins. It has been shared on over 20+ on different accounts, and drawn by 2 artists and also shared on their page!

Favorite apps: InstaBeauty: To edit any skin imperfections on my model! Great for making blemishes disappear. TypiMage: I use for some of my Insta Stories when I want to post with unique or bold lettering.

Favorite hashtags: #modernsalon #weddingupdo #prettyhair

I follow: @tonyastylist @ulyana.aster @blushandmane @alishajaredartistry @hairandmakeupbysteph

Pro tips: Lighting! I barely edit my photos, I use my iPhone 7 plus on portrait mode and make sure I have good outdoor lighting! I love taking photos and using a window for my background, the reflective surface produces better lighting and it looks really pretty blurred out when I take the photo on my iPhone 7 plus in Portrait Mode.

Hidden talent: I can braid hair super fast! When I braid a tiny 3-strand it looks like it’s sped up on a video tutorial.

Hidden talent: I love to sing! Ask any of my clients or hair models, they know because I serenade them as I do their hair. I wanted to be a singer before becoming a hairstylist. I even wrote and recorded a few songs!

How social media changed my life: Social media has tremendously changed my life! It has taken my business to another level. Entering into contests and being noticed and showcased on larger Instagram accounts has grown my fan base and business. Others inspire me and I hope to inspire other people too! I have gained friendships and a wonderful support group. When social media is used in the correct way, and you surround yourself with other driven, supportive and creative people, it can make your life so much better!

The first time I was featured on MODERN’s Insta: I’ve had so much love from MODERN SALON and been featured a few times! I believe the first time was April 19th, 2016, I had done a big fishtail braided low bun on my natural red-headed hair model, Carly. If you have seen my Instagram, you know who she is! This is when I first started posting hair tutorials and it was one of the first styles I created on her. I had way under 1,000 followers back then, so being featured on MODERN SALON was a HUGE deal for me!

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