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Choose Beauty: Sandra Humphries

Anne Morrato | January 30, 2013 | 9:19 AM
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Sandra Humphries
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Hair: KMS California Global Team
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Sandra Humphries

Hometown: Holton, Kansas

Industry icon: Roy Peters was the first to turn me on to hair color and understanding it so I could color without fear. Plus he makes it fun!

Career other than hairdressing: If I had the resources I would go to Africa to build clean water wells.

Now reading: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Hidden talent: Most people wouldn’t know that I can knit. It just isn’t something you do in public.

Day-off pursuits: Just taking care of life. I travel so much, that time at home in the yard or doing the errands is comforting.

Title of your autobiography: If I had to do it all over again —I wouldn’t change a thing, except for …!

Connecting Creativity

Kao Salon VP Sandra Humphries directs an education team that inspires passion and creativity.

Sandra Humphries, vice president, Education Kao Salon US, Goldwell and KMS California, came to beauty not as a first choice but, as so often happens in life, a passion revealed itself unexpectedly.

“While in college studying theater, I went to cosmetology school at night so when I became an actress I could work as a stylist instead of waiting tables,” Humphries says. “It was only supposed to be a temporary gig, but I fell in love with the industry and have never looked back.”

Today, her role is to develop education, information and techniques to support the sales, marketing and education programs at Goldwell and KMS California. She came to this position with stops along the way, all rounding out her beauty professional resume. Humphries has taught in beauty schools, worked in large chain salons, managed a medium-size independent salon, and has been a trainer, in sales and in management for manufacturers. All these situations share a common thread: “I love to build a team and culture that unites hairdressers,” she says.

This talent for connecting comes into play every day. The brands have distinct personalities as do her guest artists; Humphries directs this diverse group of educators and platform artists who are stationed all over the world. And she is looking for more.

“Our plans for 2013 are to grow our KMS California education teams,” Humphries says. “KMS has such an amazing group of salons and stylists all obsessed with the freedom of style that the demand for education continues to grow. The KMS IQ Cutting method is sold out at the Academy, so why not bring it out all across the country? Fabulous, but we need more trainers!

“The Academy in Santa Monica and Baltimore just completed a curriculum makeover—great new inspirational programs from ideas received by stylists. Our whole focus this year is to share education that is about a stylist’s passion and creativity!”

For Humphries, the frenetic pace will continue in the future.

“Some things are in development now. We have just expanded the Goldwell Mastercolorist Growth & Development program to include new levels of certification. We now have levels 1-4. For a colorist dedicated to perfection this is the most comprehensive color certification and development program in the industry.”

Color Zoom, Goldwell’s annual color and styling competition, showcases the creativity of stylists from around the world, and will be held in Los Angeles this year.

“The energy of stylists from around the world competing for hair color excellence is quite special and very inspirational,” she says.

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