#StylistLife: My Daily Routine with Amber Marie
#StylistLife: My Daily Routine with Amber Marie

“I’m Amber Marie, also known as Duchess of the Dolls, and this is a look into my daily life. Although unconventional, these are my strange quirks that set me up for a perfect day to achieve high success and performance."

7-8 a.m.: Typically I wake up without an alarm unless I have a really early call time. I find that waking up naturally works best for my creative mind. Actually probably one of my biggest pet peeves is to be startled awake, and alarms can be so offensive. 

8:05 a.m.: Immediately out of bed, I always put slippers on and walk into my kitchen to start a cup of coffee or tea — mostly coffee, always instant, two scoops. Sweetened only with creamer, whatever flavor fits the season or my taste at the time. If I eat breakfast with coffee it’s usually something light, like a rice cake with peanut butter and jelly or a fruit. Unless I grab breakfast with my husband, then it’s donut shop or tacos for sure! 

8:30 a.m.: The next 15 minutes is spent on my couch catching up on social media, engaging with my community, returning emails, paying bills, etc. This is done in the quiet — I don’t like a lot of noise in the morning either. This is my meditation and manifestation time, where it’s just me and my mind. 

8:45 a.m.: Once I feel fully awake, I’ll brush my teeth, moisturize and get dressed for the day, — outfit, hair, makeup. Sometimes that’s full glam and zhuzh, and others it’s running shorts and a shirt — I like options.

9:15 a.m.: On my commute to work, I’ll typically either listen to music that fits my mood or jump on Clubhouse which is an audio only social platform and learn. Either way this time is spend boosting my mood for the salon. 

9:30 a.m.:  Pulling up to the salon is my favorite part of the day! I love walking in and yelling "Good morning!". Then straight away I prepare myself for my first client. 

10 a.m.: On any typical day my schedule is jam-packed with color. Balayage, lots of blondes, transformations!! Weekends are for brides, special event hair and makeup, and on-location beauty. Most often 4-6 clients back to back creating magic, content, and filling my cup with all the beauty of my craft. 

Lunch is a hit or miss. Usually we will eat as a salon, which ensures all of us going back and forth either to eat healthy or be carbie barbies. Alas, my g- to lunch is a South Texas salad from a local farm-to-table restaurant, with jalapeño ranch — it’s so good! As a salon owner, my downtime in the salon is usually spent online building my brand and social network, taking out trash, painting walls, unclogging toilets.. you know, the glamorous stuff. 

5-6 p.m.: My day usually wraps up. I used to work super late but I try to keep accountable to this time now. I’m very passionate about all aspects of my business, but having a hard stop time is essential for me in my work-life balance journey.

6 p.m.: After work, my ride home is almost always in silence. Instead, it’s my time to decompress from the day. I’m a creature of habit so I take the exact same way to and from work. 

6:30 p.m.: Depending on my schedule I’ll prepare dinner or pick something up. The reality of life is choosing the paths of most convenience and choices that fit my life that day. Sometimes, it’s a five-course meal, other times it’s McDonald’s chicken nuggets — this is my balance. Either way, sitting down with my husband every night to eat and pray together is a constant. We do this really beautiful thing that everyday we profess a moment of gratitude to thank God for the three things we were most thankful for that day. I love this accountability pause, regardless of the day and all that life brings it keeps us present and a provides daily reminder that there is always something to be appreciative of. 

7:00 p.m.: After dinner we chill, maybe binge a couple episodes of our favorite series. Or, other days, I’ll literally lay in my bed and edit content for hours, which I honestly love so much!! The beautiful chaos of passion is the constant pull to do what we love even when we’re “off,” but this is my normal. 

8:00 p.m.: Winding down at the end of the day always includes a bath, always with Dr. Teal’s bath salt. I love the aromatherapy and it’s essential to my day. Crazy, but I almost always either watch YouTube during my bath, or respond to clients and book appointments while I’m lounging in there. 

9:00 p.m.: My nighttime routine always includes a super long skincare and hair care routine that you guys can check out on my YouTube channel at “DuchessOfTheDolls” because it is a long one. I love to fall asleep listening to 528 frequency music with oils in my diffuser. Also, fun fact, I don’t have a television in my bedroom. I believe in wake light cycles so my bedroom is completely dark while I sleep. 

You know, now that I put it all down in print I realize it’s a rather long day, but I promise, they fly by! I truly believe the complexities of our day offer so much insight into who we are and what we value. If you take anything from my day it’s that my day always starts with SELF — it’s me centering myself and creating an environment that sets me up for success. I only wear clothes that feel nice against my skin, fragrances that spark my light, and only allow things into my brain space that serve me. Then, I’m able to show up and serve the world to my best ability, in the same way on a day that everything goes wrong, I allow myself to own those moments as well, but always take care of YOU. Own your genius.

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