#StylistLife: My Daily Routine with Jamie Dana
#StylistLife: My Daily Routine with Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana — hair educator and co-founder of Ember Retreat — takes a through a day in her life.

7:30-8 a.m.: I wake up and read my phone to wake up a bit, then I go to make tea or coffee and get dressed before starting work. 

Morning: Since I'm a full-time educator, on most days, I actually don't work in the salon. I work from my office at my house. Usually about once a month, I go into the salon to film a YouTube video or to create content.

When working from home, I work on creating content for my courses and membership. This looks like writing content, filming videos, making PDFs or graphics, taking stock photos, writing captions templates, creating emails and texts, and communicating with my team who helps me do it all! Every day looks a little different whether it's filled with meetings with my team, podcast interviews, filming videos, or even just responding to DMs.

I always try to take a break after my morning meetings to reset my brain.

1 p.m.: Lunch. I try to do my best to get outside when I take a lunch break.

Afternoon: More work.

5 p.m.: My workday ends. Some days are earlier and some are later just depending what's on my schedule and what deadlines I have.

6 p.m.: After work, I love to get dinner with my husband and then I usually have a night time activity whether it's an improv class that I'm taking, a therapy appointment (SO important), or just sitting on the couch watching a show on Netflix.

10 p.m.: I get in bed and fall asleep by 11pm. I need 8 hours of sleep so that I can be rested for what the next day holds!

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