Ready for summer? How about your clients' nails? For those clients who want to chase the trends, be prepared to fulfill their every brightly-colored desire. But you can skip the research because TikTok has already done the work of determining the most-loved summer nail looks. Tajmeeli looked at the top six summer nail hashtags and determined that these are some requests you might expect from clients this summer.

Creative Takes on the Classic French


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A traditional, pink and white French can make anyone feel a little classier. However, we've all seen how far French has come, especially over recent years. There are no more rules; anthing goes. Colorful, asymmetrical, and glittery tips are all the rage now. Another French nail trend that's been cropping up is adding in some cuticle design. Creative French looks were featured in the number-one most-viewed summer nails TikTok, proving that it's the trend that's still getting the most love.

70s, 80s, and 90s Patterns Galore

There is major love for representing the late-20th century in our nail designs right now. The nostalgia is manifesting in groovy swirls, whimsical flowers, animal print, and checkerboard patterns. In combination with so many colors, these looks scream summer fun.

Trendiest Nail Color of the Summer: Neon Red

This bright option is the perfect color for summer, and is rightfully blowing up at the moment. A TikTok featuring this stunning color was the second-most viewed summer nails post. Maybe it subtly reminds us of an extra juicy watermelon? Other neon colors, as well as pastels, are also quite popular at the moment. It's going to be a very colorful summer.


Data & analysis courtesy of Tajmeeli.

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Originally posted on NAILS Magazine